In the Mood for Blush

Sofia Coppola is my favourite director. She portrays young women's coming of age wonderfully in films like The Virgin Suicides, Lost in Translation, and Marie Antoinette. I thought the makeup in this last film of hers on Kirsten Dunst was beautiful. I loved the powdered face and matte, stained lips.

I realise that sometimes eye makeup is not necessary what makes a look striking, but the blush. It seems to really set the mood.

I'm playing around with a professional camera, and am trying to take better portraits of myself. Here I used a couple of products that I haven't talked about:
  • La Mer Skincolor loose powder in Neutral
  • Clarins #25 lipstick
Different from all the other powder I have, this one from La Mer has a luminous quality to it. It's amazingly smooth and lightweight without being messy. Thanks to Fuzkittie for mentioning it!

The heavy glass jar makes handling a bit clumsy, but it really prevents dropping the container. (You won't want to know what happened one time when a full pot of French powder slipped out of my hands. It was like the Hiroshima mushroom cloud.)

After concealer, I just use this powder like a foundation. It's pigmented enough to give light coverage. Normally I like my powder extremely matte, but the luminosity of this La Mer product is a fun change.

About the Clarins lipstick, may I just say that I hate it? The colour is a beautiful nude, but the cream texture simply doesn't glide on well. In fact, if I just swipe the lipstick onto my lips, it leaves a horrible layer of stuff. I think I might need a brush to apply it, but the texture just isn't what I'm looking for.


Nic Nic said...

Oh very pretty FOTD! I love your blush :D

hmm url? do you my private site?? speakingtheunknown.blogspot.com ^^

hmm its happened to me before since Ive been here.. i supposed it mixed with tiredness and wearing too much makeup haha. my eyes are starting to feel better now that wore lesse eye makeup for the last 2 days. sorry to hear about your eye infection!!! makeup can be so deadly!

fuzkittie said...

Haha, I've tried the Clarins lipstick before and totally hated it as well! xD You should try the creamy lipstick from Bobbi Brown for sure, it's not he most moisturizing, but it feels nice on my lips anyway. Another good lipstick is by NARS. :D

Glad you like the powder! Mine is the translucent one, so yours probably is better for using alone. I looove that blush shade on you, what are you using? Your cheek bones really pop when you use blush! I have no cheek bones.... :[

' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

i like that blush on you too! which one is it?

cheryl said...

nic: thanks for sending me your private website again! after my allergic reaction, i'm skipping all cream or liquid products on my eyes...

fuz: i'm glad i'm not the only one having problems w the clarins lipstick!

blu: glad u liked the blush. i believe it's DIEGO DALLA PALMA, a milanese brand...just a very sheer cotton candy pink