Sound Foundation

I don't use foundation. As tempted as I am to go for a perfectly polished look, I've become lazy over the years. The humidity in this city does make it difficult to keep my face feeling fresh for the whole day with foundation on.

What I do is get an excellent sunscreen for day and an amazing night cream that can do some serious repair while I sleep. This is how I got into cellular technology skincare.

Basically, the technology depends on incorporating "perfect" cells into the cream. And as you apply the cream onto your skin, your "imperfect" cells come in contact with the perfect ones and become better. This discovery was made in 1986 by Dr. Stanly Cohen and it got him a Nobel prize in Physiology.
RéVive exclusively patented this discovery for cosmetic use. I got a pretty generous amount of samples through the mail, and am surprised how much each packet contains.

The Moisturizing Renewal Cream is the signature product - the consistency is between a thin emulsion and oil. I use less than a pea-sized amount for the entire face and neck.

(The Intensité Les Yeux is the eye treatment. I haven't tried this yet.)

I used it every night for a week, and woke up with a glow. It's amazing!

But this night cream was so moisturising that after a week of use, I stopped for a few days because I thought I had gotten the benefits from it. I think I will use it once in a while to keep my skin in shape, instead of overwhelming it with products.

The price is $165 for 2 fl. oz. (60ml). Considering this is literally a Nobel-prize-winning product, it's really worth it. I've not even gone through half of the sample packet amount yet!


fuzkittie said...

Woah that sounds nice! I wanna get me some samples~~

Jessica Dee said...

Great post but wow is that stuff expensive! I'm hoping that was a typo haha

angie519 said...

Wow, I hadn't heard of that before! Sounds promising! For 2 oz, that isn't a bad price!

Thanks =), and is it really that gigantic? I swear I think it's rather small. Well, at least the number of items I use at once is small. haha -_-

Have you seen pictures of the HUGE collections of MAC addicts or Stila addicts? It's like 5x my makeup!

purple snowflake said...

Your skin is really smooth, no need foundation. not like me have heaps acne scars.. but I don't use FULL cover fondation.. too over the top..

and and.. hehehe that sounds really nice... I wanna samples too =p

wondering what's your skin care routine like?

cheryl said...

fuz: i hope u'll like revive as much as i do

jessica: haha, but it's really worth it!

angie: i've seen some people's makeup/skincare collection is as extensive as a boutique!

snowflake: i'll do a post on my daily skincare routine just for ya!

' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

Hmmm i would love to try this! I'm guessing this is something you can only get in Europe though?

About your question, that look on one eye took 15 mins lol. So to do both eyes and face would probably take longer 40 mins? I tend to take my time when applying makeup. Drives my bf nuts haha.