Armed for the Milanese Summer

It's been hellishly hot in Milan. After months of rain storm, the weather turned 180° and the temperature just sky-rocketed. I'd rather have the rain! It's also easier to take care of my hair and skin when it's cool or cold out.
In this humid heat though, my T. Leclerc loose powder is working better than ever, because I thought it was awfully dry when I used it during winter and practically set it aside.
These days, what I do is use a very good sunscreen (La Roche-Posay or Shiseido) and puff a couple of layers of powder on. Make Up For Ever's HD powder has proven to be an amazing finishing touch. It really sets my entirely powder-based makeup all day long.
Not all powders are made the same. Talc-based ones are drier, but soaks up oil better. Those with some botanical oil in it sets onto the skin beautifully, but is more suitable in drier weather.

In any case, powder's just such a quick, easy routine that gets me out the door in the morning in a jiffy!


Homeward Bound

Hi everybody, I haven't written for a while. Work has been very busy (like always) and I've been going to the gym every Saturday and Sunday. My vacation back in the U.S. is booked for August! Still almost two months to go, but it gives me something to look forward to.

There are quite a few brands of makeup that I'd like to check out during my trip:

  • Make Up For Ever

  • Bobbi Brown

  • NARS

And quite a few things that I want to do too:

  • lay down by the lake during sunset & watch swallows go home
  • walk around in shorts (can't do that in Italy)
  • go to Blue Ginger - a Korean restaurant with the best barbecue menu
  • Chiso - Japanese, they have wonderful combination lunch boxes
  • also a Greek family-owned restaurant
  • a couple of clubs
  • and of course, spending time with my family & dogs



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Photo by Marcin Nigot