FOTDs summer haul

This is a closer look at the NARS sheer lipstick in Masai. As described, it's a "rose quartz". The colour at first glance is plum with quartz reflection. On my lips (without lip erase or any concealer), it looks like this:

The lipstick is so moisturising I can wear it simply alone, and it turns up as a very pretty strawberry/raspberry kind of shade. I bet the effect will be even better with a little concealer on my lips to show off the true colour of Masai itself.

Here, I used:

  • MAC's kohl pencil in Phone Number

  • Diego Dalla Palma blush (very sheer, I had to do a few layers to get this result)

  • Madina non-talc loose powder

  • La Prairie brightening eye treatment (the pen-like concealer that Nic has also)
So ok, what does the Bobbi Brown SPF 15 Lipshine in Toffee look like?

Well, it's very creamy, richly pigmented and shiny. Again, it's so moist I can wear it alone. Absolutely delicious.

Here, I'm using slightly different products for a similar look:
  • Make Up For Ever kohl pencil
  • NARS Angelika blush
  • a section of falsies on the ends of my eyes for extra wink
The Angelika blush has a distinct purple undertone. This is one layer that I did, and it's beautiful. When I tried it out at the NARS counter, the lady really laid it on. The effect was dramatic, but still very elegant.


Back With a Haul (cont'd)

I'm finally back with some images of my haul:

A starter kit from Ardell, and a random pair of falsies. The starter kit came with upper and lower lashes, a Lash Tite glue and a lash holder.

Bobbi Brown SPF 15 Lipshine in Toffee, a delicious warm brown.

MAC Kohl pencil in Phone Number, a charcoal darkest grey; and Powerpoint eye pencil in So There Jade.

My first La Mer purchase was the Skincolor powder. I was given a sample of Gel de La Mer (equally wonderful) and packets of the gel cleanser (haven't tried this yet).

A handy little eyelash curler

Last but not least, NARS Angelika blush (gorgeous cotton candy pink with shimmer) and the sheer lipstick in Masai (a rose quartz that turns up to be a beautiful berry colour on my lips).

Reviews coming up!


Back with a Haul

Hi everyone, I'm back in Milan after an amazing vacation in the U.S., visiting my family, spending some quality time with them, having a lot of good food and enjoying a bit of nature too. It's very sad to say bye, but I hope to see my family again next summer.

I came back with a wonderful, not-so-crazy haul which includes:
  • NARS
  • MAC
  • La Mer
  • Bobbi Brown
  • falsies
  • thinning shears (for my bangs)
  • a bunch of samples

I'll start taking some pictures and show you what I got. Right now, I have the jetlag of the century and really need to get some sleep...


Thus Far

Jet-lagging has its advantages: I get up early and enjoy a longer day with my family here.

I went shopping with my mum a few days ago, and we will go again today. May I just say that customer service is a beautiful thing?? We were at a department store last Friday, and the lady at the NARS counter was extremely helpful. She invited me to sit down (generally I don't like anyone touching my face, but I thought I'd make an exception), and tried a few things on me:
  • powder foundation in Deauville
  • lip laquer in Babydoll
  • powder blush in Angelika

Having a bit of makeup on already, I couldn't see what the powder foundation was like, but the Angelika blush was absolutely lovely! It's an intense cotton candy pink - a shade that I always pull off very well. The lip laquer was also lovely, but I have something similar from Clarins already so in the end I got just the blush. My first encounter with NARS went very well, and I might go see that lady again before I fly back to Milan.

Our next stop was the La Mer counter. Again, amazing service: informative, polite and easy-going. My mum uses La Mer skincare, and I wanted to try its skincolor loose powder that Fuzkittie raves about. Elegantly pigmented, weightless, easy to apply, perfect for someone who doesn't like to feel a lot of stuff on her face! Sold.

The La Mer specialist gave me a couple of samples to try out: Gel de La Mer, and a gel cleanser. I've been using the gel moisturiser since Friday and it's wonderful. The texture is something between a gel and cream. A pea-sized amount is more than enough for my face and neck. The scent is very light. It goes on smoothly and is immediately absorbed. So nice! Not used to the dry weather since my arrival, my skin has been an oil swamp, and I hate it. But the Gel got my skin regulated and re-balanced!

There's still lots to tell you and photos to upload, but that will have to be next time.


Gone Fishing

Hi everybody, sorry for the silence! I just arrived in the U.S. two days ago and am enjoying this much-needed vacation! :-) It's beautiful here and much cooler than Milan. I'm loving all the fresh seafood here too.

Just got an email from M.A.C. that their De-Vine collection has come out. It seems really pretty so later this week when I go shopping, I'll definitely stop by the counter and check out all the new stuff.

I'll also check out by Terry and Cle' de Peau at Barneys and let you know. Talk to you soon.


Made in...

Talking about all things beautiful, what's more beautiful than a creamy cup of ice-cold gelato on a hot summer's day! I've no appetite these days from the heat so I just got a cup of mint & milk blossom gelato on my way home today. Yummy!
I've been wanting to tell you about another cosmetics brand from Italy. I got this blush from Diego Dalla Palma a few months ago, and have practically given up using all other blushes. The packaging is just a clean, milk-white compact that comes with a small brush.
The pink goes on rather sheer and can be layered easily for more intensity. It has the slightest, slightest shimmer to it. The colour is easy to apply so it's pretty much foolproof.


Clear Difference

I use whitening products all year round, but not all of them are the same. Shiseido offers White Lucency in Europe so I ordered White Lucent from sasa.com, just to be sure that I'm getting something made for the Asian market.
The bottle is very handy and the volume is generous, but I don't find it particularly effective except being moisturising and refreshing for summer.

Once in a while, my brother goes to Japan for work. Last time he went, I asked him to get this Shu Uemura WR EX whitening lotion for me. I wonder if Shu Uemura products sold in Japan have a different formula from those sold in other countries?
I like this product a lot more because it makes my skin very soft and very fresh. Upon application, it's absorbed immediately. So I don't have to wait long before following up with an SPF product and powder.

Do you use whitening products? Which ones?