Thus Far

Jet-lagging has its advantages: I get up early and enjoy a longer day with my family here.

I went shopping with my mum a few days ago, and we will go again today. May I just say that customer service is a beautiful thing?? We were at a department store last Friday, and the lady at the NARS counter was extremely helpful. She invited me to sit down (generally I don't like anyone touching my face, but I thought I'd make an exception), and tried a few things on me:
  • powder foundation in Deauville
  • lip laquer in Babydoll
  • powder blush in Angelika

Having a bit of makeup on already, I couldn't see what the powder foundation was like, but the Angelika blush was absolutely lovely! It's an intense cotton candy pink - a shade that I always pull off very well. The lip laquer was also lovely, but I have something similar from Clarins already so in the end I got just the blush. My first encounter with NARS went very well, and I might go see that lady again before I fly back to Milan.

Our next stop was the La Mer counter. Again, amazing service: informative, polite and easy-going. My mum uses La Mer skincare, and I wanted to try its skincolor loose powder that Fuzkittie raves about. Elegantly pigmented, weightless, easy to apply, perfect for someone who doesn't like to feel a lot of stuff on her face! Sold.

The La Mer specialist gave me a couple of samples to try out: Gel de La Mer, and a gel cleanser. I've been using the gel moisturiser since Friday and it's wonderful. The texture is something between a gel and cream. A pea-sized amount is more than enough for my face and neck. The scent is very light. It goes on smoothly and is immediately absorbed. So nice! Not used to the dry weather since my arrival, my skin has been an oil swamp, and I hate it. But the Gel got my skin regulated and re-balanced!

There's still lots to tell you and photos to upload, but that will have to be next time.


' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

gel de la mer sounds nice, i would love to try out sometime! do you have dry or oily skin?

fuzkittie said...

Hi Cheryl~

Woot!! Glad you got so many goodies! That's so strange you found the CDP concealer too dry... because it's one of the most hydrating concealers I have ever used. I even use it under my eyes where I have dry skin! Haha... but when I use it, I put my ring finger on it and rub around to warm it up and melt it up a little bit... maybe it is because it was too cold?

cheryl said...

blu: hi! i have normal-to-oily skin so the gel de la mer works perfect. but i'll have to use it again to see how good it is when i get back to europe.

fuz: hi, how r u? lol, this trip i'm just getting mostly stuff i can't get back in milan. u know what, the CDP concealer stick was too 'cold' when i just swatched it. i still gotta finish my la prairie one though but i'll keep this CDP one in mind.

Nic Nic said...

Yay on NARS.. i bet it's really cheap in the US!! lol

LA Mer is so expensive but it sounds like it's doing an amazing job for you!