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Talking about all things beautiful, what's more beautiful than a creamy cup of ice-cold gelato on a hot summer's day! I've no appetite these days from the heat so I just got a cup of mint & milk blossom gelato on my way home today. Yummy!
I've been wanting to tell you about another cosmetics brand from Italy. I got this blush from Diego Dalla Palma a few months ago, and have practically given up using all other blushes. The packaging is just a clean, milk-white compact that comes with a small brush.
The pink goes on rather sheer and can be layered easily for more intensity. It has the slightest, slightest shimmer to it. The colour is easy to apply so it's pretty much foolproof.


Nic Nic said...

the ice cream looks really yummy! the blush is pretty too!

i am gonna miss my family.. just printed some recent pics to remember them by! :)

fuzkittie said...

Mmm gelato!

That blush looks pretty, you always introduce the coolest brands I've never heard of!

Thanks for your congrats on my new place~ :)

cheryl said...

nic: wish you the best in japan!

fuz: if u try out skyn icelandic or korres, lemme know how they work out! i'm curious about those brands.

Bliss said...

Oooo yummy gelato, i miss the delicious ones in Italy, oo the blush is such a pretty colour