Gone Fishing

Hi everybody, sorry for the silence! I just arrived in the U.S. two days ago and am enjoying this much-needed vacation! :-) It's beautiful here and much cooler than Milan. I'm loving all the fresh seafood here too.

Just got an email from M.A.C. that their De-Vine collection has come out. It seems really pretty so later this week when I go shopping, I'll definitely stop by the counter and check out all the new stuff.

I'll also check out by Terry and Cle' de Peau at Barneys and let you know. Talk to you soon.


fuzkittie said...

Cle de Peau!! Concealer and foundation rock!!! :D

Have fun~~ I'd rather go to Milan for vacation, but that's just me... LOL.

Nic Nic said...

Hi Cheryl, Have lots of fun! :D

cheryl said...

fuz: milan's fun for shopping when it's not hot out, cos the streets are lined with shops.

nic: how r u doing in japan??