My Goodies (cont'd)

So this is what I did with the Madina and M.A.C. colours mentioned in the previous entry. In the inner corner of my eyes, I used Madina's iridescent sheer pink (#33); in the middle section, M.A.C.'s Electra; then Madina's matte dark grey (#14) in the outer third of the lids.
Conveniently, I used one of the Madina eye colours as blush (#46). It's very matte, but once applied onto the skin, it looks like it's glowing from within.
NARS Masai has become my official lipstick! On my lips it appears as a berry colour, and is sheer enough to go with anything.


Jessica Dee said...

MORE GOODIES!? LOL I can't get enough of your fringe, it's suits you well ;] & Thanks for wishing me well! But that lip color is awesome!!! You wear everything so wellll

LOL every sentence I wrote, ended in "WELL"

angie519 said...

God I love your camera and your bone structure! Your photos look like modeling proofs! The eyeshadow and lippie look great on you! Greys look good with a dark lip!

Yeah, I agree! I'm happy with my decision. Thanks for all the advice and support =)! Hahha my parents say that to me all the time hehehe.

Yup my last name is Qian. After my parents came to the US, some genius added a 'g' to the end and it's stuck every since >.< .

Olive said...

Hi, I've seen you on ABB but I didn't know you had your own blog until now, I'm so excited to have found it! I love the lip color btw, it almost looks like a stain. Oh and I just read your profile, gosh living in Italy must be so amazing and glamorous...lucky you!

Nic Nic said...

this is pretty! love the glowing cheeks ^^ the e/s definitely works well as a blush!

Sandy said...

i heard that nars lipstick can be a bit drying. i want to get belle de jour but they dont have it in australia and its about AUD$50 here? ahh... crazy prices.

angie519 said...

Thank you =). It's actually been pretty cold lately but it was around 91 degrees here yesterday! I had to take advantage! It's 83 today and cloudy =T I'm actually looking forward to wearing sweaters!

Hmm La Prarie cellular treatment foundation is rated like 4.4 or something on MUA with 83% would re buy. That's much better than most foundation ratings. It's rated better than La Mer though La Mer seems to have more skin benefits. This weekend I think I'm going to decide between the two. The Chanel Teint Innocence looked GREAT upon first application, but funny after 8 hours. It made me look chalky (probably due to oxidation). I will let you know what I end up with!

I'm not very good at contouring so I'm probably not the best judge for contouring products. Out of Bounds is limited edition I believe. It was part of the novel twist collection. You can find it online. I found it at a CCO. You could always try Mac Emote. They look very similiar side by side. Emote is more brown, and I thought this one was more natural looking.

miemiemie said...

yess i love the black ones..til now i still haven't bought a pair of anything black :)

Glow Chaser said...

Masai??!! I love it! I should get some, I was born in Masai-lands afterall!!

It suits you gorgeously!

Cheryl, however do you take such great photos? Do you have a photo-taking servant or something?? Coz I cannot imagine that your arms are that long! haha