My Goodies

Excuse the bare face...

So these are the Max & Co. sunglasses I got for my birthday. They're over-sized, extremely comfortable and perfect for the winter sun.

My Madina Milano colours

Madina's eye colour selection is outstanding with literally hundreds to choose from. They have lots of matte colours, which I love.

I love those two matte grey ones (11, 14) because they go with anything, and are a great contrast to my dark hair and eyes.

The two matte orange and red on the right of the photo (46, 26) are beautiful. They're eye colours, but I use them as blushes. They're so pigmented and easy to apply with a contour brush. I've used them for a 12-hour day and the colour doesn't even budge.

The other two colours are iridescent (33, 34)! One is fuschia, the other purple. They're sheer so I plan to layer them on top of a matte colour just to give it extra dimension. Again, these can be used for the eyes or cheeks.

Here are the Madina and M.A.C. Pro tins

As you can see, the Madina ones are more than twice the size.

The wonderful M.A.C. colours pictured are:

  • taupe - Copperplate

  • yellow gold - Nylon (great for brow bone)

  • black - Typographic

  • pink beige - Blanc Type (great as a base)

  • silver - Electra


Nic Nic said...

reckon you can pull it off the bare face chic ;)

the sunnies look great on you...

cant wait to see tho e/s on you!!

angie519 said...

wow those colors look amazing and really pigmented! I hadn't ever thought of using eyeshadow as blush! You're brilliant!

Great gifts!!

Jessica Dee said...

The glasses look amazing on you! They're perfect for your face shape and everything! & I love the eyeshadows! Cant wait till ya try em and post em!

Fabuless Beauty said...

I love the sunglasses!

purple snowflake said...

Happy belated birthday.. and those sunnies are sooo cute and they suit u.. hehehe..

plus thx for dropping by my blog.. yeah I use liquid foundation first.. then just dust some EDM foundation over it.. cuz when people say BUFF the foundation in.. I personally found it too powdery and after a while it just mixes with the oil on my face and if I answer my phone.. it's all over my phone .. yuk >___<

miemiemie said...

oh i love the purple one! looks so pretty!:)