Common Scents

Fragrances are such a personal thing. I love historic perfume houses. I got a chance to know Clive Christian through work, and it was love at first smell.

Pictured on the left is the travel size of Clive Christian's 1872 for women. Dated from Queen Victoria, the brand's triple extraction method creates a heady fragrance that is absolutely unique and long-lasting. When I have a big day ahead, a spritz of 1872 really makes me feel ready for it.

Caron is another time-honoured perfume house. Even though the French see it as a bit of an old-fashioned brand, I like it anyway. Mum got me Aimez-moi. The candied scent makes me feel cuddled!

Nordstrom's started carrying these brands a couple of years ago, I believe...?


angie519 said...

Oooh, I like that you included the history behind those perfumes. Stuff like that always interests me =). I had no idea there are perfume houses!

Yeah, a long time ago I wanted to write a book about my ex and I. We have a very very complicated past (esp if you really get into the details). Not only did we have to fight the distance, we had to fight our parents and friends who didn't believe in us. And the fact that we met right before he had to move kind of made it significant in our eyes, almost like fate. So I'm happy to share because I enjoy writing stuff like this.

I love blueberry pancakes as well!!! It's one of my favorite things to eat!

Fei said...

Oooh, I just bought a bottle of fragrance two days ago. You're right, it IS a very personal thing, which is why it's so hard to pick a fragrance I like... You can't just go to Makeupalley for reviews, because not everyone's going to love the same scent and not every scent will smell the same on every person.

fuzkittie said...

This is very interesting info! I have never even heard of those perfumes! I'm not a big perfume person, but they look very pretty in their little bottles, haha.

' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

Interesting! Are these a lot more expensive compared to the mainstream fragrances like Dior, Lancome, etc?

Jessica Dee said...

nice post on perfumes! I generally dontwear perfumes because I can never smell it on me, so it feels useless LOL. All my perfumes and sprays I use as air fresheners hah. But those perfumes sounds awful expensive, I think it's their exquisite names! So fancy!

Fabuless Beauty said...

I've never really been into perfumes, probably because of my allergies. Are these older perfumes strong in scent?