Sheer Joy

I realised that a couple of my blushes are very sheer. I'm not crazy about them, but still use them once a week just to mix things up a bit.

The above is Shu Uemura P Orange 53. The colour looks vibrant, but it goes on sheer and the finish is very pearlised. Sometimes I layer this colour on top of a pink one just to give it more depth.
This one is Majolica Majorca RD255. It's a beautiful, warm dusty pink. Easily buildable, it goes on sheer, and the effect is very natural as if you're glowing from within. This was a random purchase on sasa.com so it was an unexpected surprise.
I think after these blushes reach their expiration dates, I will not purchase sheer cheek colours anymore. I prefer a velvet, intense finish. Do let me know if you have blushes that you're particularly happy with!


fuzkittie said...

Well girl, you've got those cheekbones for some intense blush! :] That orange shade looks so pretty, I want more Shu blushes. IMO, Shu makes the most long lasting and pigmented blushes. I have one really really red blush from Shu that I don't even dare to use, but I don't know why I bought it! Haha. I'll have to check up on the color code for you.

I imagine NARS makes some really pigmented blushes that aren't sheer.

Jessica Dee said...

I like sheer blushes. I don't like going too heavy on it cause I hate my cheekbones. But yours are lovely! When am I gona get to see wear these blushes in your FOTDs!?

Glow Chaser said...

Hey There! My sister is the Blusher Queen here in London and she swears by MAC dolly mix!

It does look delightful on her!

For me it is Shu Uemura, Beauty Credit or Givenchy!