Sunshine, If Only

A special thanks to those of you who left me comments for the first time! I love hearing from you all.

In this damp, grey, stormy weather, I can kiss my sunglasses goodbye. But here is a preview of some of my favourites from the Emporio Armani spring/summer 09 sunglasses collection:

And below are a couple from the Giorgio Armani label:


Mrs.Zeus said...

I need those here.

ilovewendy said...

My gosh! I love the second to last one:) How tasteful<3

I added you just so you know!:) Also, I'll send you an invite for the days when I block others.

Take Care!

Trang said...

i like the 3rd one. they're all really stylish.

Regarding the job interview, I;m not that interested anymore because their exceptions for employees are ridiculous. And.. they interviewed me outside which was freezing!! X.X

Actually... my bangs are layered lol. I'm always scared of layering it too much because it makes my cheeks look a little chubby. I don't think my features are unique at all x.x

Jessica Dee said...

i love all those glasses! they have a nice eccentric touch to it!

fuzkittie said...

Woooo, I love the last two! So glamorous~

angie519 said...

Those are gorgeous! I have trouble pulling off huge sunglasses, but I must try harder..one day =P

simply.steph said...

Sigh, I have to get prescription sun glasses, unfortunately prescription armani is just too much out of my league, so i can only gush at the sight of those.

yumyumsushi said...

im one of those people with a funny shaped face. haha im very particular to what sunglasses/glasses i choose because a majority of them look horrible on me:(
i do like the 4th one though :) i think it's the 4th one...w/ blue around?? yeahh...haha

& yes loreal ferria does work well! i agree! i've used it before :)

Glow Chaser said...

Italians are the masters of sunnies! I dont care who wants to argue with me!

Cheryl, I wish I was in humid Milan.I went to Roma in summer and that was scorching!! I know they are miles apart.....I just wanted to tell you!! hahaha

How is your Italian??

Olive said...

Oooo those all look so stylish and chic! I love big lenses cuz they make my face look a lot smaller lol!

Eelie said...

yes and YES i totally blanked out lol and your link has been added hun.

Some of these are so beautiful but unfortunately i have a very undesireable facade which makes wearing sunglasses look so weird on me lol.

I'm happy to hear you liked the comments too! Its always a lovely feeling to get them.

Hope your fri/thurs? is going well!

Glow Chaser said...


You did a Lolita face!!??

Your rocked it!!


Make some noise for Cheryl!!!

angie519 said...

Hahahha reminds me of my mom! She is extremely wide where the frame would sit around her face. Whereas I don't have a nose bridge so sunglasses sit on my cheeks instead of my nose to stay up haha.

Hahha though it is Friday, I work tomorrow too (til 3pm) haha. I'm not doing much, reading Twilight. What about you?!

purple snowflake said...

Hey hey..
I so need a pair of sunnies..
cuz driving in the afternoon is such a pain.. getting sun glare in your eyes and can't see any thing..

P.S: I actually don't like the shu uemura foundation, the face architecture liquid in 764 is the right colour, love the colour match, however it made my skin oilier cuz I have combination skin.

and the powder makes it look cakey and yuk.. Don't like it.. but if you use powder by it self I think it's better...

Mrs.Zeus said...

You actually inspired me to join. *laffs*

So what do you eat then?

miemiemie said...

i like the 2nd one the most!!:) its pretty! hahaha

and thanks for the comment :) haha i had to make my head area pretty so that people won't notice my footwear hahaha

purple snowflake said...

hey hey..
I had a quesiton in mind the other day..
wondering if you could speak italian.. that would be cool, so you're chinese able to speak chinese, grw up in USA. so english is another one.. now Italian..

hehe must be talented..

iamgrape1119 said...

I love the 2nd from the top! They are all awesome though!

I think I might try to press them, kind nervous about it though...LOL! It's a little difficult to press mineral powders.