Hi everyone, I've had a busy and tiring weekend. Hopefully yours was more restful than mine.

Usually I post Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays so you can bet on reading something new here, but I'm usually out for the rest of the week.

This coming week, I have some tutorial photos coming up. They're being touched up right now :-)

It's getting colder, and the holiday season is just around the corner. I miss home, and am more irritable than usual. No matter how glamorous people think Milan is, it's a very lonely place for a Chinese girl to live:-) You can pretty much forget about having anything common with anyone here.

I say this both humorously and realistically. I'm beyond worrying about whether I "fit in" or not (because I'm not supposed to), but I miss the comfort, the cultural diversity, the open-mindedness, and customer service (!) in the U.S.


Mrs.Zeus said...

Awwww... The holiday always get everybody homesick. I miss my fam too in Seattle.
I hope we get to reach out to you somehow. :)

Starry x2 night said...

Eek. I'm sorry for both your homesickness and the closemindedness of the Italians in your life. I had no idea Milan was like that.

Cheers on your positive outlook, and I definitely look forward to your tutorials! *hug!*

angie519 said...

I look forward to your upcoming entry then!

Aww yeah I was thinking about that before.. I was just hoping you were enjoying Milan as much as everyone would assume you would. =T

Kimberly Tia said...

awww chin up cheryl -- old man winter has everyone in a irritable gloom, I find myself like that even here in the states, so I feel ya... at least u got us fellow gals on blogger to keep ya company at times!!! *HUGS*

simply.steph said...

aww, well i wish you the best. I hate being away from home, so i kind of know how you feel. will def check up for the tutorials.

yumyumsushi said...

haha at the customer service bit

yeah, it is getting colder, finally feeling like fall/winter! i would love to visit milan someday, but if i were to live there by myself i think i would be VERY home sick. but i can only imagine what sort of experiences you'll gain from it :D

Glow Chaser said...

London has diversity and open mindedness!

We also have crap weather, shitty food and uneven days!!!!

Come to London Cheryl! We can do a gladiator Opera!! haha

Olive said...

I'm so sorry to hear your having a crummy time right now. Being in a foreign country must be tough especially during the holidays. It really does help us appreciate home more.
I always imagined you having a glamorous life in Milan, but it's never as perfect as it may seem, huh? Just try and make the best of it and look at the good things instead of the bad. I really hope you feel better soon. And if you ever want to vent or whatever, just send me a message, k? Take care.

fuzkittie said...

Open mindedness of the US? Hahahaha... wow, I would've thought Milan is much more open than the US.... very interesting. I guess being there alone must be hard!