A Few of My Favourite Things (cont'd)

About the new brush mentioned in my previous post, I'll do a tutorial on it.

I'm really liking shades of wine/berry/brown lately.
These are some of my usual suspects this autumn:
Bobbi Brown lipshine in Toffee
Royal Effem (a local brand)
M.A.C. 5N
NARS Masai, my favourite
L'oreal H.I.P. lipgloss in #724

I layered the L'oreal lipgloss over M.A.C. 5N and really liked it. I don't particularly like these products used on their own so I combined them!

Do you use warmer shades like these? Any recommendations?

Trang asked me to talk about more Shu Uemura Whitening Recovery EX products so here goes:

I have the whitening refresh lotion and the emulsion, both purchased in Japan. I haven't been using them long enough to say whether they really whiten my skin or not, but surely they have helped to even out my skin tone.

These two products contain Ougon extract, Mint Extract, Shiso Extract, Vitamin C derivatives, vitamin B3, etc so I'd say they're treatment products without aggressive chemicals.

On humid days (which is everyday in Milan), I use only the lotion in the morning before using the UV base. In the evenings, when I feel I need more moisture, I'd use the emulsion. Both of them feel very nice on the skin, not oily at all. Worth a try!


Trang said...

I think those lipsticks are great choices for autumn! I love autumn makeup but I'm not sure if i can really pull off the dark red lipstick ^^

Thanks for your review! Seems like something hard to find in the states though since you bought it in Japan =T

Eelie said...

lol i sniggered when i read your link to your comments page. In any case i'm giving you my first HELLO! back :)

Be careful with the whitening products i've heard quite horrible side-effects from applying them :)

I can't wait for your tute on the bronzer and blush application. In all honesty i need all the tips i can get and i'm a complete noob in those make-up matters haha.

Hope you're having a nce wed!

Nic Nic said...

id buy more shu.... in HK! haha.. too expensive here...!

ohhh the wine lippies looks good on you!! wish i could find decent colors here...im not willing to spend loads of money on lipstick unless its a MAC slimshine!

fuzkittie said...

Hehehe, I just got one from NARS today that's in the similar shade range~ :D Love it for this season!

angie519 said...

The color of the Bobbi Brown lippie is beautiful! Your cheeks glow!

Mrs.Zeus said...

I initially going for the dress #5 mixed with dress #6. The top part of the dress #5 and the ridges on the middle part mixed with the bottom/skirt of the dress #6.
I was first inlove with dress #3 but I thought it was too simple and that how I came up with mixing 2 dresses BUT-but! I think, simple & elegant is what I should go for--

and yes- I am going to the Phils.
Have you been there?

ilovewendy said...

Hi:) I've been a "lurker" for a while now but, I just wanted to comment today.

You have such a pretty cosmetic bunch and I think you look very unique-pretty, like a run-way model vibe<3

Olive said...

Your lucky you can pull off wearing darker shades of lipstick! I on the other hand always end up looking strange or like a geisha lol...Any who you look great with dark lips!

Glow Chaser said...

How I wish these merlot coloured lipsticks would suit me...but they dont!

I am such a Shu fan!Its so darn pricey though!!

angie519 said...

Aw thanks sweetie! I'll try to do that tonight!

Bliss said...

Ooooo i so love berry colours lippys and they look fab on you, i love your skin tone btw soooo fair hehehh :D