A Breath of Fresh Air

Any time's a good time to be thinking about bags and shoes. It's fun when all the new collection news come in.

Giorgio Armani offers the easy-going Montenapoleone sandals.

With a matching bag, this has got to be an easy favourite.

Eccentrically called "Blotchy" shoe.
With a luxurious matching bag, also part of the Blotchy concept.
The younger Emporio Armani line is always fun, offering a "Net" concept with a comfy pair of low heels.
Light as a feather with patent leather handles, the Net bag.


Olive said...

That first bag is to DIE for!!

fuzkittie said...

You really love GA! xD I looove that first bag, it's gorgeous~

ilovewendy said...

That net bag looks gorgeous!:)
Oh yeah, can you e-mail me your blogger e-mail to ilovewendydarling@hellokitty.com?

I can then add you so that when I invite readers you won't have any trouble getting in:) Sorry about that!

iamgrape1119 said...

Hi Cheryl! I basically extend my top liner at the end of the eye, then connect it with my bottom liner. I will make sure to do a Liner tutorial on Youtube. Stay tuned for that!

angie519 said...

Wow I'm loving the first bag and the blotchy shoes!! You have great taste ;)

Hahah yeah! My mom got me started on cosmetics, and now we just fuel each other's hunger haha.

Aww that sucks! The Pardue Extreme matches me pretty well. Maybe a teeeeny bit too pink. Powder foundation ey? Thanks!

Mrs.Zeus said...

I like the blotchy shoe, I'll take the purse to go with it as well!

I live in Monterey CA, we're really close to the water so it gets foggy, the cold sea breeze and sun!!! lots of SUN!

Glow Chaser said...

The flat shoes!!! I want them sooooo bad!! Cheryl you are a bad girl for filling my head with all this WANT!!


yumyumsushi said...

ooo! some of those things are beautiful!!
mmm bags & shoes!