Long Way Home

Donatella Versace went to San Jiang, Sichuan Province in China to visit the Versace One Foundation Children’s Centre, accompanied by Jet Li, acclaimed actor and founder of the One Foundation. The Versace company is in a year-long partnership with the One Foundation and has financed the opening of a centre dedicated to providing psychological post-trauma therapy and counseling for children.

Look at that big smile on Jet Li's face! In an interview he said the One Foundation is the greatest challenge and hardest work he has had in his life.


fuzkittie said...

How cool!! Kudos to Jet Li.

yumyumsushi said...

haha wow, i didn't even recognize him
i like to see "stars" giving back :)

Olive said...

It's great to see people give back and be part of something positive! I don't care if it's a publicity stunt or for the tax write off, the fact that their helping the less fortunate is a very good thing.

iamgrape1119 said...

I love Jet Li!! He's AWESOME! Donetella is a wittle bit scary looking....IMO.

Yea, it's so hard losing a pet...I'm sorry to hear about your Iguana. My mom and I turned sadness into anger, and we will make that mofo pay for her crime!! LOL!

Sandy said...

props to both people :)

i like jet li. i've always wanted to have kungfu skills like him. lol.

i love your hair. so pretty!! :)