Mauve Away

Apparently after my 100th post, I disappeared for a few days :-) This morning instead of heading straight to the gym, I snuck into the department store.

I browsed quite a few brands' holiday collections: Lancome, Givenchy, YSL, etc. I think Guerlain's theme is most outstanding.

I also checked out NOUBA's palette sets. I don't know why a youtube guru says NOUBA is like a NARS sister brand. There's nothing comparable between the two.

But being a nerd, I just had to look at something even less mainstream.

Royal Effem is a wonderful laboratory makeup/skincare maker that collaborates with the University of Pavia, a school well-known for numerous studies on Italian cosmetic products.
I picked up the long-lasting lipgloss in #02, a warm mauve. The flash made it look light here, but you can see the ever-so-slight pearlised finish.
The tube is small (compared with my palm-sized hair clip), but that's what I want, because I can never seem to finish a whole tube.

So it's between brown and purple. This is close to the autumn look that I've been looking for.

This brand does not use any lanolin, paraffin or petrolium-derived ingredients, and a minimum use of paraben. The only drawback is the collection offers mostly "practical" colours so you won't find anything crazy here.


Nic Nic said...

Cheryl!!! guess what? I found Madina makeup here!!! LOL. I wish Nouba was available here too lol.

You looks pretty, simple but polished!

fuzkittie said...

I love the gloss on you~ But it looks more like... an apricot brown or something!

fuzkittie said...

Oh I forgot to add... P&J has great packaging AND quality! Their foundation is amazing... my second favorite foundation ever! The eye stuff aren't super pigmented, but you can tell everything is very high quality~ The lipstick is awesome!

yumyumsushi said...

the lippie looks nice on you, very subtle hint of color & very wearable!

Starry x2 night said...

Oh wow, that's a gorgeous shade! Royal Effem sounds like a great brand! Are they popular in Italy?

Sorry, I'm not familiar with NOUBA.^^;; How would you say it's different from NARS?

Kimberly Tia said...

pretty glosss mama! did you cut your hair yet again?!?!??

ilovewendy said...

Oh, mauve!
I should def. pick that colour up:)

Did you put anything on your cheeks? I always notice your cheeks first for some reason; has a baby pink glow to them<3

Anyhow, if you want the circle lenses you'll probably have to buy from an ebay seller or off of some international site. I think that some gals even sell them off of their blogs or xangas as well, but, I think those lenses are a bit outdated or expired.
Circle lenses as I have mentioned before are terrible for the eyes, so, wear with caution!
As far as the standard colour lenses go; Stop by an optometrists office and you can get your eyes measured/"tailored" to the right brand and colour that you want.

**Optometrist offices have a large variety of colours and once again, sizing your eyes to match the lens is extremely important.**

Hope this helps:)

angie519 said...

That looks so naturally beautiful on your lips. I can't ever finish lipglosses either! The only exception is my Shisheido Petal Pink gloss that I'm in LOVE with. I just bought a backup =P

angie519 said...

Haha it is probably the least sticky gloss I've ever used! It's smooth and supple, like the texture of lipsticks! Have you tried YSL pure shine? It's a bit like that!

I'll post pictures later, and I used ONLY Mister Light for under eye circles today per your suggestions. =) Working pretty well! Yeah, your Armani concealer seems to work wonderfully!

Oooh yeah.. I'm hoping my skin gets better now. Whitening emulsion ey? I do need something for brightening!

Mayhem said...

Hello! New blogger and avid follower of yours!

Is this Italian brand of gloss sticky in any way? I know the Bare Escentuals Buxom gloss I use sets on the lips well and doesn't feel sticky after. And it isn't *too* shiny, which I like.

I think I'll do a review on it soon.

Kimberly Tia said...


no-no's i know.. it's hard - i guess they'll be things to just add to my xmas wishlist ^_^

as for SMASHBOX cosmetics, i loooove them, i think a good majority of my makeup shadows is SMASHBOX.. something about the colors and pigmentation, as well as the blendability really works for me. and I love their color selections. I'm a fan ^_^

angie519 said...

Haha yup. I don't understand how certain places would assume a no return policy is a good idea. There is so much trial and error with makeup and skincare! I'm sorry about all the restrictions! =(

Yeah, I'm liking the Guerlain foundation. I just got the L'gere BB cream too and it looks so promising! =).

Np! I hope you like the Shisheido lipgloss!