Once More

In mid-November, Versace held a fashion show and charity gala in Beijing to benefit Jet Li's One Foundation. They are in a one-year-long partnership. Here are some highlights from the s/s09 collection:

The hair, the legs, the gold...very Donatella.

Over 900 of China and Asia’s top celebrities, socialites, officials, business and style leaders attended.


Mayhem said...

Sexy models.
I love the Versace look - so fun and regal at the same time. Living in Milan must be so exciting for you, being closest to the world of the real-deal fashion.

I plan to do a review of the Jasmine body butter by Korres, because I tried it recently and I'm in love with it - so keep in touch. =)

fuzkittie said...

That model is so hot!!

ilovewendy said...

I would kill for those legs! AH! I envy tall gals so much<3

Haha, I ordered another tube of BB for Peter. He likes it:)

Kimberly Tia said...

oooo sexy! I love versace, I love when they put that rock n roll edge into their line... how awesome of them to support jet is foundation!

and to answer your questions...

1)bb mushroom cream was very blendable and soaked up fast, wasn't too oily after application, so big plus!

2) Yasumi is supppppper sweet!!! goodness and I'm thinking about joining her contest, because those are some fantastic prizes, just gotta plot my "strategy".... jk

how's the weather over beautiful Italiaa dahlinggg

side note:
my word verification word is : TWEED

i think it's a subliminal message telling me to buy a tweed skirt with boots for winter. ^_^

angie519 said...

Gah I wish I were that tall!

Mrs.Zeus said...

Ohhhhhh.... la la! NICE!

Oh, Im not sure if my respond to your question about what business we do. *smiles*

Glow Chaser said...

Gold you say?? I love gold clothing and when I think "gold" I think -----DONATELLA VERSACE!!

Man you got me feeling all FABULOUS DAHRLING (italliano stylee) The phone is ringing and I am going to answer it by saying: "Prrronto!"