Green Mile (cont'd)

I've been a bit lazy with blogging so photos are coming up later.

Today, I got Caudalie Nourishing Body Lotion so fingers crossed that this will be a good one!

Also, I got a sample of La Roche-Posay Fluide Mat foundation, which is probably the friendliest foundation as far as liquid ones go. 20 euro for a handy 30-ml tube.

I am thinking, "Foundation is the most important thing because I use a good amount and almost every day. So, if I want to use liquid ones, they have to be at least not harmful for my skin. Otherwise, I might as well go mineral."

Besides Jane Iredale, choices are scarce in Italy; that is if you exclude L'oréal and The Body Shop - and I'm not interested in those.

How many of you guys use mineral makeup? Do you think it can be for me?


Mayhem said...

Hey there, thanks for your opinion regarding the lip glosses. I appreciate. =)

My view of mineral makeup is somewhat biased. Personally, I have dry/combination skin, which is sensitive, and any form of mineral makeup has undoubtedly harmed my skin. I've broken out considerably bad, and then covering up the issues is a hassle. Lastly, by 4pm, the makeup begins to slide off anyways, because it makes the skin so oily.

Now that doesn't mean it wouldn't suit your skin. I only used makeup as such because my boyfriend's sister raved about it - sleeping in it, because some mineral makeup is supposedly good for your skin, etc. (I don't think any makeup is healthy overnight but whatever) I tried them all, and it just never suited my skin. On the other hand, it has worked quite well for others and now they swear by it.

Maybe you should try it out, a sample maybe. Leave it on for a day. See if it suits you. If you have good skin, sheer coverage should be good. Mineral makeup obviously has mineral oil in it, so I hear its not good for the skin. I guess that's the only "significant" neutral pitfall I can think of. If you try it let us know though.

fuzkittie said...

Ooo I always wondered about that Caudalie lotion!

Mrs.Zeus said...

I had been really lazy as well plus being ome with the fam and my constant visit/outtings with my friends here kept me occupied.
I think you and mineral makeup would be a great match. try it out.
BTW have I ever mentioned to you that my ex fiancee lives in Bologna?

angie519 said...

I use mineral makeup from time to time. I find that most don't contain my oil too well. I used my prescriptives mineral foundation today (which I do really like), but I got real oily by the time I came home. I need to remember to blot more often! Mineral makeup is good for the skin, as compared to most liquid foundations.

Oooh, I hope Caudalie's body lotion works for you!

Eelie said...

Sonia Rykiel, i forgot :( She'd be a wonderful designer to redo a Barbie ensemble!

I've always wondered what the difference is with liquid and mineral so i don't think i'm one for giving any makeup advice lol. Althoug currently i'm using a powder (is that like mineral?). Some Shiseido one. Eeep i'm so much help aren't I? lol

Kick me if you want :P

DSKNguyen said...

Hey Cheryl!

I had a great Christmas, how about you?

I'm in Seattle now, and it's rainy, but the snow has melted. What I really need are some rain boots!

They had a sale on the Christmas stuff at L'occitane! You should check it out 50% off!

Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

i am on and off with mineral makeup to be honest. i know a lot of ppl hate bare escentuals but it works for me. Everyday minerals looks good on me but breaks me out
yet i hear it works for most people.

have u tried everydayminerals? is quite cheap for shipping with generous free samples

Nic Nic said...

i think mineral makeup is quite skin friendly on the skin, though i do find it can become quite cakey... it all depends how much you put on i guess!

happy new year Cheryl, hope you have a good one.

Tasha said...

I think you should definitely give mineral make up a try if it's easily available in your country. While I have my biases and generally like it more than liquid foundation, I have to admit that it's quite time consuming to apply and difficult to travel with.

You may also want to look into BB creams. They take less time to apply and some of them claim to have healing, whitening and anti-aging properties. I'm pretty sure there they sell variants will less ingredients out there and I've read about mineral BB creams.