Cheeky (cont'd)

Is everyone having a good weekend?

I spent a rather lazy Saturday morning at home, and enjoyed a Mendelssohn piano concerto at the theater in the afternoon :-)
The colours I used on my cheeks in the previous tutorial were Madina Milano eye shadows. Nic Nic told me she saw Madina in Japan so if you see Madina, please do let me know!
I love their pans because they are handy and the colour selection is endless. Their eyeshadows are pretty chalky, easy to control and blend. The colour doesn't crease so you can even apply them without a base.
Last weekend, my colleague was in London so I asked him to stop by Selfridges to pick up some Taer Icelandic for me. This is the organic cleanser I've been using:

Turned out Selfridges didn't stock that brand anymore. I was so upset!

The cleanser is available in Milan, fortunately. It just costs five euro more over here.

I feel tired, depressed and muddled these days. This will sound terrible, but I feel so sick of everyone around me. Every day I give 200% of myself, and people still want more. Enough! Basta! I'm getting away for a few days next week.


Mayhem said...

Sometimes it's good to take a break from everything to recharge. I do that often. Rather not explode.
I use MAC's 188 Face brush. I scoop a little out from the foundation compact, place it on my wrist, and tap the brush into that and go back and forth as needed. Patting+swirling motion works really well when I want a controlled distribution of foundation on my face.
I use my fingers when using liquid foundation too. My cousin would use her little soft wedge applicator and reprimand me for doing so (I don't know why,) but you're right it does work well. Using the brush however to apply the makeup keeps my fingers clean and also helps me control the amount I want on my face without shifting the makeup underneath.
I have to try to Skyn Glacial face wash. I'll do so tonight and let you know soon how it feels for me. If I like it, I'll let you know my thoughts on it.

yumyumsushi said...

i'm sorry your feel like crap (for lack of a better word) i think you going away on a mini holiday will help cheer you up.

you know i heard that it's during the holidays that people feel the most depressed? i think i can agree, things don't seem the same as when you're a kid

angie519 said...

I'm sorry dear.. I hope you get a little break to enjoy yourself! Take care!

' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

Been feeling the same way too :/ Its good that you're getting away next week, that will help!

fuzkittie said...

Getting away is great! I hope you regain some energy with the time away! :]

Starry x2 night said...

Eek, sorry about that! You really should take that break--a breath of fresh air (figuratively speaking) makes everything more sane.

Sorry, retarded question here, but why is the Taer Icelandic more expensive in Milan? I was under the impression that the EU was a common trade zone? Sorry that your friend was unable to get it though!

Bittenbefore said...

HUGS take care!!

thanks for the tip abt the milano
i will check to find it here in japan ^^

Bittenbefore said...

btw of cos i dont mind linking! i linked u ^^

Mrs.Zeus said...

Im sorry you feel crappy these days... sometimes it could be the weather also.
When you come to Seattle I'll come see you and I'll be your clown. lol

Yes, the Spanish rice could be a vegetarian dish but it is mainly a side dish for them. I enjoy eating it as it is or a a main entree.

Olive said...

I'm glad to hear you took some time off to recharge your batteries! Sometimes it's good to just do nothing.

angie519 said...

Hahah thank you!! Yes I did =P. He actually loves it when I curse at him. I refer to him as "butthead", "asshole", and "motherfucker" hhaha. We have a strange relationship I know =P

Mrs.Zeus said...

Yes, its finally getting cold here and we celebrated it with walking to feel the crisp air around town.

I hope you're feeling a lot better.

DSKNguyen said...

Sushi PJ's!! I need to google those ASAP :)

Eelie said...

I know what you mean hun. Sometimes you just feel like escaping from everyone you know and everything you have for a multitude of reasons. I see you're back now though. I hope your couple of days away was refreshing enough. Remember you are living YOUR life, as conceited as it may seem you must please yourself also. Do not tire your mind and physicality out too much, it will do no good to anyone :)

Chin up :D