I'm back with another so-called tutorial, this time using two blushes, one lighter and one darker.

I've already applied base, loose powder, bronzer, eyeliner, everything except lip and cheek colour.
I started with an iridescent pink for the cheeks.

After having applied it across the cheeks (see photo above), I proceed to an iridescent purple. I applied it sparingly with an angled brush right under the pink and blended.

You don't need to have mad skills, as long as the colours you use are sheer enough to be foolproof.

So there you have it. You can see the contouring more on the right side, where the purple creates depth while the pink provides a bit of glow.
You can still play up the lip colour, but it might be better to leave the eyes natural.


fuzkittie said...

Wooo... might I ask which purple you used??

Mayhem said...

I'll definitely try the oil cleanser your way tonight - soonish. Plus I'll just go straight to toner rather than use my cleanser. I just wish to find a cleanser that does all 3 in one go!! I'm just so impatient.

I like the purple and pink combination - since I'm of Pakistani descent, I'm brownish, more olive really. Do you think this would suit our skin tone? You are most definitely fairer than I am. I used to use a cream that worked to lighten my skin tone, and it worked! But I ran out of it and never found it in the US since. Going back to Dubai next week, so I guess I'll stock up on it. Only catch, they don't list the ingredients. Shady.

Mrs.Zeus said...

Looks great!
Thanks for the tut and yes, I'll def'nitely update yah about the job.
I have a few more interviews, same job.

angie519 said...

Cheryl that's so pretty! Pink and purple blush! That's brilliant! Your skin looks flawless!

ilovewendydarling said...

I love your cheeks! I think I told you before but, who cares! I'll say it again!
Your cheeks always look adorable and pretty<3
I think I'm one of those girls that can't pull off cheek color naturally as you do.

Anyhow, take care and talk to you soon! Be sure to bundle up when you go out too:)

Nic Nic said...

the colour definitely makes your cheeks pop!

i told my mum about aesop, she's interested in the eye stuff, so im gonna have a look for her :D

Sandy said...

the purple colour looks pretty intense!! but its pretty tho!

Glow Chaser said...

Cheeky lady you!

Purple?? Interesting!

Oh thank you for your advice.I am going to look into all of them and get back to you with my decision.

I am going to crown you the queen of skincare on my blog - i am serious!!

Kimberly Tia said...

wow -- such a pretty natural glow! I love the cheeky cheryl!!

Olive said...

You are such a pro! You make everything look perfect!

Bittenbefore said...

i'd never bought purple, can i ask what that is

Fabuless Beauty said...

Ahh..the power of blush...