Shades of Autumn (cont'd)

So this is how the Nouba purple eyeshadow looks like:

I used M.A.C. Electra on the first third of the eyelids, then a matte dark grey on the last third. I'm still using Giorgio Armani's concealer here.

I went easier on the blush, but used L'oreal H.I.P. #636 "Giddy" lipgloss to match the eyes. This lipgloss is extremely pigmented. It keeps a stained look all day long.

My fringe was so out of place because I slept when my hair was still damp.


fuzkittie said...

Love the purple on you!! So cute! And the lip gloss matches perfectly.

I think meatball hair would look great on you, since you have bangs, and very high cheekbones! :DD I shall do a video of it soon, but it really is quite simple.

I have straight hair and it used to be really difficult to put it up because it's so slippery, until I learned some techniques, hehe.

angie519 said...

Purple really brings out the color of your pupils! Your hair doesn't look out of place! I tend to sleep with wet hair too haha.

Your hair color is gorgeous!

Mrs.Zeus said...

I like it--I wanna put up a FOTD too but my skin is just horrible, I have milia all over my eyes as well.

I love-love this shade on you!!!
I must try it.

Glow Chaser said...

Nice colour choices and purple looks good on you! That is very purple...I must go on the hunt for some such stuff.

Olive said...

You look so pretty! I always say this, but I think purple is the BEST color on Asian eyes!

angie519 said...

Yaaay! I hope you get a puppy! They really make a home so much more lively and warm =). My doggies are like my sons, spoiled annoying sons haha. But I love them dearly!

Hahha I'm glad you know me so well! Food is such a large part of my life and something I truly am glad I can enjoy! I guess I have to thank my parents' genes for giving me fast metabolism or else I may be restricted! I really like fruit too but sometimes I get too lazy to eat them. I really really love oranges and pears =)

yumyumsushi said...

i lovvvee purple

angie519 said...

np! Hahah I hate salads. Something about uncooked, cold salads gross me out! But I do love Japanese salads because of the dressing though.

It's so good you go to the gym! I need to start going, just to stay healthy and toned.. -_-

Mrs.Zeus said...

Ahhh gurl... I wore something else with it.
I'll post it later, how was your Halloween?

purple snowflake said...

lov ur purple look.. agree with fuz... you look cute ^___^

yeah.. Zen won't be a good colour for contour.. I think it can still be applied in that contour area, but lightly, if the colour looks too strong.. it's a bit off..

but it's a good blush!!! go try it..

Mrs.Zeus said...

You're getting a pup????
what? what kind?
Im excited for you!
Yeah, I feel the same way too.

Jessica Dee said...

ooohhh the bright purple looks amazing on you!