Blush Tutorial

As autumn sets in, sometimes I need a little pick-me-up with a sun-kissed look. This can be achieved by applying blush in a particular way.
1. I usually do the rest of my makeup first.
No foundation. La Mer loose powder, M.A.C. and MUFE kohl pencils.

2. I'm using my Sephora contour brush and NARS Angelika blush.
I wiggle the blush on the product to get quite a lot of colour without making a mess.
3. If you want a glowy look, start from the apple of your cheeks.
4. Then I slowly drag it towards my ears.

5. I like this brush because it's dense and small enough for precise application without the product flying all over my face.
6. But if I want a sun-kissed look, I start from the bridge of my nose, being careful with my eyes here.
7. Lightly drag towards the apple of my cheeks.
8. Drag a "U" shape up towards my ears.
9. Repeat with more product if necessary.

10. I use the remaining colour left on the brush to go over my chin too. As you can see in this last photo, there is a band of colour across my face, mimicking a sun-burnt look.

The look is modern and fun. The trick with blush, as always, is use more. Otherwise, the effect is really lost. Hope you liked it!


Jessica Dee said...

oh i love the step by step. You have some flawless skin and i still cant get over your fringeeee

Mrs.Zeus said...

Oohhh pretty blush!
I love the shade.

fuzkittie said...

Woo i love the sun kissed look, I'll have to try your technique. I love that brush too!! :]

angie519 said...

That blush is really pretty on you!

yumyumsushi said...

you have such cute freckles! :) & i also love the color of your hair :)
nice tutorial

Nic Nic said...

you look great in that blush, thanks for sharing that technique of yours. hehe

angie519 said...

Thanks! Hrmm how about trying darker purples only on the corners for some depth? That usually works best for me.

I agree! I tend to like over-sized and slightly baggy items too. I think I'm going to return the sweater though. Hopefully I'll find a better over-sized sweater this season.

Mrs.Zeus said...

Really, you've been to Seattle?

ohh... you know your make up looks so vibrant. When I take pics of my make up it doesnt look as vibrant as yours. Do I need to add more?

Fabuless Beauty said...

Great tutorial!

make me beautiful said...

I love this tutorial!! Why havent I seen it before?