I seem to be having some connection problems so I will be a bit behind on reading your blogs.

Coming up: my 10-photo series of blush application.


angie519 said...

YAY! I love the way blush looks on you, can't wait to learn some pointers!

Thank you dear. The pasta turned out really yummy.

Yup! I totally agree! What's the point of really expensive skincare when I just use any ol foundation right?

Yeah, the SA was in her 50s-60s and she was telling me how great it was for her and her skin. It would be way too much for my skin! I think I'm going to have my mom try it. She loves their caviar eye cream.

Oh noooo! I hear good things about the anti-aging foundation! How else can you get a hold of it? Let me know if you need help! I know my nordys has it.

Jessica Dee said...

oh noooo ;] hopefully youll be back soon dear!

Sandy said...

post pics of your blushes collection ^^ i want to see it .. teehee..
i checked guerlain. they don't have the parure foundation. i think it'll come sometime soon next month? such a shame =(