Art of Concealment

I am still using my La Prairie eye treatment, which is like a liquid concealer packaged in a silver pen. You click and the product comes out at the tip. Great stuff. I've been using it every day since last winter and it still hasn't run out.

But I want more. More coverage, perhaps! And I want something that feels more luxurious.

Last weekend, I came across YSL Anti-cernes Multi-action Concealer. There are three shades and the lightest one works on my skin tone. The tube is small and skinny, very easy to handle. It provides full coverage, but it's absolutely matte. It's very cakey, so when applying, the skin has to be perfectly moisturised, and the product has to be blended very well otherwise it will just look dodgy.

At a major cosmetic boutique or counter, it's around 20 euro.

In the past, I've used Shu Uemura Pro Concealer, which comes in a mini-case. There was so much product I couldn't finish it. I threw it out after 10 months, being concerned with expiration. The coverage was good, but since it's a cream, it takes me longer to blend.

This retails for USD23 when I last checked.

So this is what I got last night: Giorgio Armani High Precision Retouch. The tube is so tiny and handy. It contains 4ml of liquid concealer. The top twists off, and there's a tiny tiny tip for precise application.

I went for the lightest shade. The coverage is medium and easily buildable to a full coverage. Today was the first time I tried using it.

I applied the product with my fingertip. It was easy to control. I had to be swift though, because it dried quite quickly. It had a very elegant pearlised finish without looking glittery. This can easily work as a highlighter!

In Italy, this is 28 euro for 4ml of product.

This is dermatologist- and ophthalmologist-test. I guess that's what convinced me in the end, because the YSL product did not say anything about the product being tested!


Mrs.Zeus said...

So, Giorgio Armani High Precision Retouch is good?

I have the hardest time looking for one since I really don't know how to choose. lol

I wanna see more of this, I wonder if Sephora have this. Oh, are you doing a more detail review of this product?

fuzkittie said...

Hmmm, I've never tried any GA products, but the pearly finish sounds very interesting! It's not drying at all?

angie519 said...

Oooh I really need to go look at Armani's cosmetics! No, I haven't done so cause I don't think anyplace nearby carries it. I do think I'll try calling the Nordys and Saks downtown to double check sometime though.

miemiemie said...

i tried that shu eumura concealer back in HK,it was creamy but more like pasty for me..so i didn't end up buying it,i opted for this korean brand "skinfood"..

i only have one bronzer,just for the sake of trying one..its from this drugstore brand rimmel. do you have it there in your area? so cheap around $2-3! great for starters..the shade is spicy nude..perfect for contouring..its a light brown shade..nothing too obvious :) but next time i go back to the US,i'll be trying those cargo ones..they looked pretty when i swatched them :) or perhaps benefit? i think fuz uses their bronzing powder..packaging similar to the thrrob blush and dandelion?

Glow Chaser said...

I have been glancing wantonly over Armani products lately...they are terribly pricey! But perhaps its work a go??

YOu sooooooooo do not ever look like you need concealer!

ahbeeedotcom said...

oh man all those sound so tempting but im soooo super cheap :( lol

Jessica Dee said...

WOW all of them look so pretty! The packaging itself makes me wanna melt haha

Sandy said...

i heard so many reviews of giorgio armani products. a lot of it are good too :) thats a must try for me!

Nic Nic said...

that armani concealer looks good! but so expensive....

just pass me your email and i'll invite you ;) i'll be only be inviting individuals :)