A Worthy Search

With MAC being more expensive in Italy, I was eager to branch out to good old European brands.

I discovered Clarins during a desperate search for the perfect nude lip colour. Its lipstick line, Brillant à Lèvres, offers a beautiful #25 that's a high coverage brownish beige. It goes on very creamy, and has a slight frost.

Clarins' Gloss Appeal in 03 is pinker than what I usually wear, but it glides on beautifully and is not sticky. It gives your lips a very glassy look without being heavy at all.


Fei said...

Wow. How do you like working in Milan? Sounds like a dream!

Anyway, I do like your product reviews since you give me yet another reason to hate my makeup ban. I've been meaning to try out Clarins products, but always forget to. I guess mainly because everyone talks MAC MAC MAC and nothing else.

cheryl said...

First comment on my blog (probably the only one I'll ever get, lol), hi Fei!
The experience of being a Hong Kong-Chinese in Italy is a very bizarre & lonely one, lol.
I generaly stick to cosmetics brands that focuses on their skincare lines. Clarins has a couple of signature spas, and it's neither a Loreal nor an Estee Lauder company.

Fabu-less Beauty said...


I came across your blog on asianbeautyblog. But yes,cute blog. That's awesome that you work and live in Milan, Italy. Looking forward to your future posts. Check out my blog too!