Anytime Look

I don't like dramatic looks so this is something simple that looks good on anyone.

It's basically silvery grey applied on the outer corner, over a very matte chocolate brown eyeshadow. The upper lids are lined with matte black.

Then, a golden yellow on the waterline and on the inner corner of the eyes. I used a sheer orange blush, and a candy pink lipstick over a creamy beige one as the base.


Bliss said...

Pretty nice simple look as you said heheh i cannot do the nude lips look but you look great with it, i gotta try that sometime, this is great for everyday wear :)

cheryl said...

oh thanks...i think with your fair skin, nude lips will look great, probably just need a very warm blush on your cheeks to balance things out.

Fabu-less Beauty said...

I heard applying liner or light eyeshadow on the inner corner of your eyes is suppose to make it larger, but whenever I do that, I get eye boogers...haha and it gets dry and crusty.

cheryl said...

Hi thanks for visiting my blog! what i do is just dab a bit of light-colured eyeshadow on the inner corner of my eye with my pinkie or a Q-tip. if your eyes tend to get dry and crusty, carry an eyedrop and some Q-tips with you in your purse. they might come handy half way thru the day.