First Base

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Shu Uemura UV Under Base
SPF 17 PA++
Comfort: *****
Oilyness: *
Ease of application: ****
Effectiveness: ****
Texture: foam
Application: brush, sponge


Shiseido White Lucent Moisturizer
SPA 16 PA++
Comfort: *****
Oilyness: **
Ease of application: ****
Effectiveness: ****
Texture: cream
Application: fingers
These two colourless SPF makeup bases are very similar, the main difference being one is foam, one is cream. Both last all day, and the oilyness is really a minimum. Highly recommended!


Nic Nic said...

Id love try the Shu, I wonder if it wrks with mineral foundatio...

Ive only ever used NARS primer.. was okay and MAC, which I still think broke me out so stopped using it lol. I use tinted moisturiser / BB cream under if I feel I need more coverage and then mineral on top. But Im feeling inspired by your last post, less is more!

I actually purchased the La prairie concealer! one for me and one for my mum - she used YSL one, I thought she can do with the La Prairie one instead :D Which colour are you using??

cheryl said...

hurray!! u and your mom will LOVE la prairie! i use #20 & after a full week of use, i realize it was one of the best purchases i ever made! in the past, i tried a sample of the YSL concealer, but it was much too oily for me. the shu base should work with anything cos it's just a foam. once u apply it, u can't even feel it :-D

Nic Nic said...

Yay, we bought the same colour! i cannot wait to use it either :D

I might check out the base when/if I go to Japan. It's too far expensive to buy in UK :S

cheryl said...

nic nic so r u planning to use the la prairie concealer under mineral foundation? when u use the clicking pen for the first time, hold down the button, wait a few seconds and repeat it a few times till u see some product emerging from the inside. then it should come out smoothly. hope u'll like it as much as i do!

Her.Peachieness said...

I used to use that Shiseido moisturizer. I love the bottle the white lucent line comes in. The only reason why I stopped was because of the price and the last few times I used it, it made my face white (I looked like a ghost)... maybe I put on too much? I just use cheapo drugstore ones now. They seem to work fine for me. ^_^