Lights On

I'm obsessed with complexion. For those who are looking to brighten their own, here are a few approaches:
  • Do a facial scrub once a week
  • Consider brightening skincare products

  • Use specific makeup products


Yves Saint Laurent's Teint Parfait mauve foundation base is very beautiful. After you set your makeup with powder, the base remains luminous all day.

Another wonderful base is Shu Uemura. The purple base control contains Depsea water so it's good for your skin.


Besides base, you can also use loose powder to adjust your complexion. Again, we're using purple to brighen things up. My look in "Simple Me" is topped off with T.Leclerc's lilium.

The trick is to press a good amount of powder onto your face and neck with a puff, and then even out the powder gently with a big, round brush. Apply a bit more onto your t-zone during summer.


Sheryl said...

LOVE this warm bronzed look... all glowy and healthy! ^^
and the N collection lippies are gorgeous eh!! <3

cheryl said...

thanks sheryl, hey what's your blog?