Spring Time (edited)

May I say THANK YOU VERY MUCH, Yumeko for sending me the jewelled palette that she is giving away.
It's so cool to get good news like this on a Sunday afternoon.

Hope everyone's ready for the weekend. By the way, my sale is still on-going. If you prefer to swap instead, just let me know.

This past week it rained so much everybody got so depressed! I had to cheer myself up somehow and got a few new things. I will try these out first and do some looks later.

I've been looking for a simple glitter nail polish for some time now. And fortunately last weekend a friend spotted it for me while we were browsing in a department store.
This one's from Nouba. Very pretty with multi-coloured, small glitter.
So I got also Dior 2 Couleurs Palette in 365 "Nude Look". I believe it's part of a new collection.
Dior Addict High Shine in 220 "Beige New Look", and KenzoKi Face Recharger.
Oh right, and a Dior eye pencil too. The packaging was tacky, but it came with a sharpener.

So the palette has a muddy matte brown and an iridescent light pink. I haven't tried these yet, but the colours look pretty versatile.

There were too many shades to choose from! But I really like this #220 shade. It's actually a lot lighter than what it looks like here. It's a sheer, very shiny peachy beige.


ilovewendydarling said...

Oh,I'm liking the Dior 2 color e/s palette:] That brown and pink would go great together<3

Anyhow,are you fond of Kenzo?! That is awesome! I love their jumbo eye crayons and fragrances.

Syn@3sTh3sI@ said...

ur nail polish is pretty... i love the color.. look so sweet yet not girlish. the Dior 2 Couleurs palette indeed looks pretty & versatile... i love how smooth they are, never overshine but give me the brighten effects. n I like ur High Shine too, but it seems not very long lasting on me...

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

It;s rained a lot here too :( like a mini-monsoon season for pre-spring... but i heard its nice after its over. cant wait!!!

nice haul!!! ive cut all drastically again. I feel proud! lol.

Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

loove the gorgeous color of the nail polish

fuzkittie said...

The nail polish is soo girly and nice! ^o^ Yayy, I know eventually I'll cave and buy New Look Beige.. ahahhaa.

girllovesmac said...

i love nouba too. i got the shadows and the blush :)

angie519 said...

I'll have to go look at that lippie! I love all the high shines! I want the entire collection haha. I never thought to stick the lid on the end, like w/a marker! hahaa

The eyeshadows look great!

yumyumsushi said...

it was gloomy here the other day & yeah, i know what you mean about how it can effect people's mood. but i actually like the rain :) i think rain is good as long as you're happy, because if you're sad you'd just be more sad.

o mannn i've gone glitter nail polish crazy too!!

DSKNguyen said...

I'm just blinded by CD!

angie519 said...

I've used that Korres mask! (my sister stole it). I like it! The Silk Whitia masks provide an immediate (visible) result though.