A Little Pick-me-up

*shout-out to Anna: do you live in Como? Should we meet up?*

It's Sunday and I finally have time to do a proper post. I've been reading all your posts, but simply haven't had the energy to do my own. How do you find the time to post so many photos and videos?! :-)

So first off, here's the cake I had in the beginning of the month. I love a good cake! This one is called the mimosa, eaten on March 8, Women's Day.
I got a lot of good stuff while I was away this past week or so. Here's Acqua di Parma Colonia bath and shower gel. This is very gentle on the skin. I was thinking the other day, "If this disappeared from the face of the earth, I might as well stop bathing." lol...
I'm pretty excited about these two items here: Shiseido Perfect Rouge and Shiseido Cream Eyeliner.
Do I need another lipstick? Probably not, but seeing how beautiful the colour looked on Jamilla, I had to get one. After my mauve craze this past winter, I'm ready to go back to pink. So I picked PK 307.
Given how unhappy I was with M.A.C. Fluidline, I picked up another cream liner. I thought I'd give Shiseido a try. It was twice the price, but a travel-size brush was included. I chose 02, a solid brown. I really hope this will work out.
Last weekend, the local makeup brand Madina had a clearance so a friend and I went to check it out. I picked up four eye shadows. Three are right here. Madina makes beautiful iridescent colours that are very unique. Matte colours are not so great.
The fourth eye shadow colour is the white one here, which I'm using as a cheek highlighter. It looks white, but once applied, it has a little gold iridescence. The rest of the eye colours in this palette are also used as my blushes. The last item of my haul is their natural bronzer. The palette is very big, bigger than my palm. I've never had a bronzer before, but these colours should work on fair skin too.


Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

wowwo that looks so good!!
why do u eat that on womens day?

and yes we never need anything more but we want it haha

oh i lovee shu uemura phyto range but if u want to whiten ur skin, try kose's sekkisei line
it works wonders for me

Mrs.Zeus said...

I could use a pick me-up like that!!!

DSKNguyen said...

I never even thought about shi seido lipstick! I've all been into MAC lately, well always. haha

Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

in regards to wat u asked on my blog abt swapping

i wasnt affected in any way, i just heard a lot of horror stories hence decided to stop

' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

That Shiseido lipstick looks really pretty, I must check it out at Sephora next time. The Madina palette looks nice! How do you find their pigmentation?

ilovewendydarling said...

OMG! That looks delicious!
And what is 'Women's Day?'

angie519 said...

Yummy looking cake! The texture looks so interesting!

I've been meaning to buy Shiseido's new lippie! I've been putting it off haha. But there's this peach color that's gorgeous!

I hope Shiseido's liner works! And beautiful shadows~

The bronzer looks so pretty and shimmery!!

angie519 said...

Hahha yeah, it's so easy to miss Seattle! =T

birkinbagbeauty said...

Hi Cheryl, spoil yourself..my luv..you deserve it. I love your "Do I need another lipstick? Probably not" remark...that would be sooo me as well (swims in lipsticks but still wants more).

Eeli said...

lol the answer to your question is NEGLECT EVERY OTHER IMPORTANT THING IN YOUR LIFE haha. Seriously my uni life has been on a decline but thankfully social and work have been stable haha. Actually its not that funny, i must work harder and i shall start TOMORROWWWWW *eyes shift side to side* haha.

Such a huge haul of goodies! That shiseido eyeliner loooks gorgeous. I never knew they came in palette-like compacts?

Hun do you have FB!? It would be so much easier to keep in contact with you there. It can be pretty difficult commenting on everyones blog even though I read them whenever i get the chance.

Anyway where in the world are you knowwwww? Hmm? ;)

Much love to youuuuuu! :)


♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

what a lovely haul!! the bronzer looks really pretty, so do the shadows and lipstick. you should do a FOTD with them!!

mmmmm fooooooood

Syn@3sTh3sI@ said...

Hi cheryl, I just picked up a Guerlain pencil liner and I love it so much... it's easy to use and density is comparable with gel liner. I never use a pencil liner as I don't even know how to use them.. hahaha but i know i had to get tis liner and glad i did so.. I'm looking for a blusher that don't give me dark spots... i heard some ppl gets dark spots by using wrong ingredients blushers... by any chance you know which brands that I should be avoiding ? i'm using Averine now, so far so good but not tat long lasting n the colors selection is too few.. i'm thinking to get a new OL looking blusher

Anna said...

Hello Cheryl! Of course, it would be lovely if we could meet...drop me a line at anna.fissi@gmail.com (don't make it public though!) so I can tell you a bit about myself first!
Anna x

M said...

PK 307 looks pwit pwit pwitty!

Glow Chaser said...

That bronzer looks fab. I have been seeking out a new bronzing buddy in hope of a glorious summer.

I have deceided to wait untill P&J release their summer items in May and I am going for the Goddess Stuff!! LOL