Sundays are official "lounge" days, like my hero Rilakkuma: roll on a cushion, grab your favourite snack, watch TV, take a hot bath, listen to music...

Tagged by Nic Nic, I'll reveal six quirky things about myself:
1. I need silence when I get up. Anyone who makes noise around me at that time will be bashed in the head.
2. I'm extremely quiet. ("......")
3. I am a bit of a clutz: spilling in the kitchen, dropping whatever that's in my hand, tripping on the street, etc.
4. I am a number idiot: I just learnt how to count my fingers. Don't ask me to do math or accounting.
5. I read the ingredients label on everything: you probably know this by now.
6. I need nine hours of sleep. Eight is tolerable; seven, I become a beast.


fuzkittie said...

I LOVE Rilakkuma - I have four of them by my bed... haha, and 3 in the car. Will take some pics of them some time~~

Nic Nic said...

I LOVE THAT BEAR!!!! xD my bf won me that teddy bear in those picking toy machine back in '05 in tokyo! lol ah the memories..
I need 9hrs too, that means i always feel tired =_= LOL. this is all self-inflicted!

cheryl said...

fuzkittie, nic nic:
rilakkuma's the best! LOL just looking at it relaxes me!

Emilee @ GMM said...

That bear is so cute!

I'm happy if I can get 9 hours of sleep. 6 hours or so is usually a good mark for me. That might also explain all the bags under my eyes. :(

Her.Peachieness said...

Sundays are lounge days for me too. I get extra grumpy if someone wants to go hang out or run errands on Sundays. I NEED my day of rest. LOLZ @ "tripping on the street". HAHHA, I do the same thing too. Cheryl, we have a lot in comment it seems. I've always been really bad with numbers and I can be extremely dyslexics at times. And I also need 9 hours of sleep! I go to bed at 10pm and wake up at 7am. Sleep is good... =)

Nic Nic said...

hey hun thank you for your supportive words! I hope your husband was okay from that incident.. I don't really know how police operate these days.. what is the point of having them when they don't even make you feel safe? we're trying to move on as dignified as possible.. try not let this fear get to us.

cheryl said...

emilee: hi there, i continue visiting your blog though i dun always leave comments. i must say 9hrs of sleep is a bit of a luxury but everyone has their own standards of what's enough.

peach: wow we do have lots in common. well i'm glad i'm not the only one tripping (literally!). i usually go to bed around midnite (a bit late, i must say) & get up at 9...

nic: so many people have left u messages on your blog, pretty much everybody said someone is really looking out for your family, sending the rain & saved the night, really! my husband's ok after that incident, but he's definitely more careful now!

Bliss said...

Rillakuma is too cute, i try to get eight hours but can't seem to do so booo