Getting the Blues

Besides the signature cleansing oil, Shu Uemura offers a lot of skincare solutions. I love the Depsea series not only for its light blue packaging, but also for its effectiveness.

Summer is just around the corner, and an extra wash during the day might be necessary.

Use the refreshing Foamwater for gentle cleansing. The water foams delicately leaving the skin clean but not dry. Follow up with the Depsea Replenishing Lotion, and feel your skin cool and soft. The delicate fragrance of both products makes daily cleansing a real treat.

What is your favourite cleansing ritual? Share your tips with me!


Bliss said...

Im so putting this on my wish list hhehe :)

Nic Nic said...

oo id love to try out more shu products! Unfortunately, there's nothing special about my ritual.. it just is cleansing oil, shu facial spray or lancome toner (my mum gave me recently), and moisturise, eye cream etc! So boring huh? lol.

fuzkittie said...

I'm addicted to the cleansing oil, it really does its job and leaves my skin so silky without drying at all! We really share some loves in common ;) Ooh, I wanna try that cleanser too~ I use DDF's cleansers right now, and yes I do use one after using the Shu cleansing oil at night - just to make sure I got everything off!

cheryl said...

bliss: the foamwater & the toner don't necessary have to go together. i think either product is wonderful just by itself.

nic nic: how do u like the shu facial mist??

fuz: i'm running out of my shu oil but i've one stocked up from my last purchase. i love it so much i get extras XD

♡ 雪雪 said...

XD I was browsing the Shu Uemura website earlier and I was intrigued by their Depsea skincare line; their moisturizers remind me of Cellex-C's Oil-free Sea Silk Moisturizer with how they utilize seawood extract and mineral components (although I believe it's a bit cheaper than Cellex-C). I only wished I'd ran across the line sooner because I've been out of moisturizer for a while now (been lazy to buy more), and I was hoping to branch out of my usual brands, but I just ordered some Lancome stuff the other day and it's already been shipped. ^^" Oh wells, hopefully next time.

Reading your entry definately entices me to try out Shu Uemura's skincare line! And I find the packaging of the line to be intriguing; it's so simple, yet so elegant and chic<3 Sadly there's only one place selling Shu Uemura products here, so it's a bit difficult to first-handedly test out the line before purchasing items.

I'm thinking of purchasing a cleanser and probably one of the facial mists, but I have a question first, what exactly is the difference between the foamwater and the cleansing oils? And which would you recommend? Thanks!