I hope everyone had a good weekend. I went to an amusement park this past Friday, a public holiday here. I actually survived a few rides so in a weird way I did have fun :-)

I've been compiling a wishlist for May. Not that I need anything urgent, but a few things have caught my attention:
  • Shiseido Perfect Rouge in BE 208 (it has the best texture ever)
  • Shiseido Pureness Pore Minimising Cooling Essence (thanks to Jess' review)
  • Shiseido stick concealer (I would like to use this and no foundation at all during summer)
  • Lancome khol pencil (thanks to Jamilla waterproof makeup challenge)

These are not very exciting items, but I'm really sick of these 2 khol pencils that don't last at all: Make Up For Ever, and M.A.C. They just smear after a while!


Mrs.Zeus said...

Glad to hear you had a great weekend, mine was absolutely wonderful on top off Pacquiao winning the fight-lol.
*sigh* I have so much wishlist to fulfill as well but I am trying to use up all my stock right now... so, I cannot buy anything yet.

Hope you're week is going well!

Lucia said...

Hi Cheryl,
My friend is going to be spending 6 weeks all over Italy from June - July and would like to know if you could impart any skincare advice. She has really fair, dry skin (here on the west coast of Canada) and is really prone to eczema outbreaks. How's the humidity there? Any suggestions as to what products + brands she should bring?

Thanks for your time!

Olive said...

I'm happy to hear you had fun! Amusement parks are always fun, well except for the long lines and tourists lol...

If you get the lancome liner, please do a review! I've used both MUFE and MAC khol liners and they smear never stay.

Syn@3sTh3sI@ said...

yes cheryl i'm so agree wif u on MUFE Aqua kohl pencil liner. I just bought a MUFE 2 weeks ago bcoz I'd forgot to bring my favourite Guerlain kohl pencil liner during my business trip. Although MUFE is soft but the tiny flakes keep on dropping on my face, leaving my skin looks dirty and hard to apply between lashes. I never have any problem with Guerlain even with cheaper gel liner from KATE. MUFE Aqua kohl pencil liner is shorter and more expensive than Guerlain kohl pencil. I really don't see the reason why I should pay more for MUFE Aqua. One more thing, MUFE Aqua are finishing so fast, i have sharpen it every time i used it. I've been using Guerlain for so many months, I only sharpened it once. For your information, I'm using Guerlain Kohl Pencil Liner everyday. I won't repurchase MUFE Aqua pencil liner anymore...i'm sorry if i'm upsetting you MUFE kohl pencil lover but this is my experience...

Jamilla Camel said...

I would love to have your weekend experience! Sounds fun!

Good luck with the Lancome waterproof eye pencils...as you saw, they DO work, lol!

Blair said...

Hey Cheryl!

Aqua Eyes smudges on me too.. Boo!

angie519 said...

I've been dying to try the new perfect rouges too! =)

shu's drawing pencil seems to stay pretty well on me.