Sunday Morning Post

I realised I haven't done a proper post lately so here's one for you :-)

I will be in Seattle August 7 - August 27. Any beauty bloggers that I can meet up for a coffee?? I'm so looking forward to this trip because I only get to see my family there once a year. I also love the cool summers in Seattle.

Thank you Jess and Nic Nic for the blogger award! How nice it is to be awarded twice!

So I have a few things to show you this time.

First off is Guerlain's limited edition "Le Rouge G" lipstick with mirrored case. The brand was so generous to send me three.
#20 Gina is a blue-undertoned red with subtle golden shimmer. Mum will like this!
The beautiful packaging is designed by the Parisian jeweller Lorenz Baumer. The mirror pops open as you take out the lipstick, and it snaps back in thanks to a magnetic closure.

#60 Gabrielle below is a creamy coral pink. I forgot to mention that this lipstick has a brand new formula for better texture and colour payoff. I haven't actually tried it yet, but will let you know.
#1 Guerlinade is just my type of colour - a pinkish beige. No shimmers here which is another plus for me.

When closed, the tube looks like a spaceship, lol.
With all due respect, Shiseido Perfect Rouge is still perfect because it's very moisturising and the colour is luscious. Dior Addict High Shine really pales in comparison. It just feels so chemical on my lips, but that's just me.

On a less exciting note, the weather is getting warmer (yuck!) and I got an oil-control primer from Jane Iredale. I noticed my pores are getting bigger, lol, so I'm not happy about that.
Jane Iredale has very modest packaging which I don't mind because this brand offers makeup with very low toxicity, something I'm very concerned about.
The compact screws open with a sponge and the product is a white solid cream.
Pretty friendly ingredients here :-) Also, notice the little symbol of the opened lid on the bottom that says "12M". This means it expires 12 months after opening. Look out for this symbol on your makeup! I will text drive this product next week and let you know.

This is a long post, lol.

I'm glad to tell you that the Caudalie body lotion worked just fine and I finished one bottle. Since I'm always on the hunt for better, healthier skincare products, I got Sanoflore Almond Milk body lotion this time.

Again, very modest packaging here, but who cares when you know inside it's full of organic goodness. Sanoflore, a French brand, only cultivates organically-grown plants and uses its extracts as ingredients.

Oops, since it has no paraben, this product will expire 9 months after opening, which is fine if you use this after every shower. The 200ml bottle is about 15-18 euro.

I used this yesterday and gave this a thumbs-up. The runny texture is so nice. It absorbs much faster than Caudalie. The scent of the almond and orange essential oil is strong, but it disappears after 10 mins. My skin really loves this stuff! Hurray on finding yet another skin-friendly product.


Jess said...

Oh, what a lovely haul, Cheryl!
The Guerlain lipsticks are so pretty! My colour would be #60 Gabrielle.

If you eventually come to Austria some time, we really have to meet up, hm?! ;)

' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

Wow that was really generous of them! Looking forward to your review :)

birkinbagbeauty said...

Hi Cheryl,
How beautiful these Guerlain lipsticks are. I tested a creamy beige today (forgot the name) and they felt quite good. I love the colours Guerlain has: so much more natural and flattering than the ones Shiseido released this spring.

Jamilla Camel said...

Whatta haul! You are lucky being a beauty editor!

I've got 20 which I LOVE. I also love No. 60 too.

My FAMILY lives in Seattle!! I can't believe it! My parents have a condo downtown next to Uwajimaya!

I'm not planning to be in Seattle in August, but if I do get there, I will be sure to let you know!

Eve said...

Guerlain.. soo good soo HE.. so.. arghh! (extremely jealous)
great haul. hope you see ur family real soon

Olive said...

How cool are those lippies!? My fav is the third one.

Oh man I wish I lived in Seattle then I could finally meet the queen of beauty products!

I currently live in SF but will be moving to S. Cali next month, if your ever California gimme a holla!

Syn@3sTh3sI@ said...

i love Guerlain lippies... Guerlinade is my favourite among these 3 lippies... bright lippies don't compliment my skin and lips.. normally i'll just go for beige or nude...kekeke

Pop Champagne said...

great haul! And seattle is awesome I love the culture there, people there also seem more chill too :) Hope you have fun!

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

nice lipstick haul! the packaging are just so pretty and luxurious-looking!

fuzkittie said...

The pink beige looks pretty!!!

Anna said...

Hey Cheryl! Thanks for the teacher/pupil jokes, I can really relate to the last one, hahaha! Anyway, I hope you really did enjoy the stress relief oil the other night, I could do with some right now, actually!! I've just finished the Sanoflore eye cream...but I'm not too sure whether I liked it enough to repurchase, don't know if it was doing much, but the ingredient list was certainly good! Does the body lotion smell anything like marzipan? Would love it if it did, you know, like Coccoina glue, in the silver pot??
Have a nice rest of the week, take care, Anna x

angie519 said...

Hahha I've always ignored those symbols! hahha

Aww yay! I think I might have vacation time in August. If I can make it up there, I'll let you know! =)

The Guerlain lipsticks are so pretty!

M said...

gasp... guerlain lippies! love love love!