Are You Nuddy?

It's getting hotter during the day so here I am on a Sunday afternoon sitting under the ceiling fan in the comfort of my home. I hate the heat. (Which is exactly why I live in Italy.)

This past week I received two lovely pacakges: from Anna and Jess. Anna has started her own beauty blog recently so check it out!

Anna sent me an Annemarie Borlind hand balm, a Yes to Carrots lip balm (an organic brand), a tube of L'Occitane olive daily face cream, and many more natural product samples. All this came with a (delicious) set of flower-scented hard candies (yum yum), Yogi tea bags (organic, of course) and a pretty postcard. Thank you Anna! Hope to meet you soon!

A little later in the week, I got my swap package from Jess. I simply got her a Make Up For Ever pencil, and here's what she showered me with.

Two Annemarie Borlind hand balm (which means now I have a lifetime supply), a lip balm from the same brand (hey I go thru a lot of lip balms, ok?) and a galore of samples of every brand from KenzoKi and Dior to Chanel and Clarins. A big thank you to Jess!

These two packages really brightened up this past week, which seemed like the longest week in my life, lol.
A few months ago when Birkie and I did a swap, she included a brand new tube of Elishacoy "Always Nuddy 24" BB cream. Being skeptical of BB creams (and their names) at that time, I just kept that in my vanity.

But yesterday I took out the 15-ml tube and thought I'd give it a try after having looked at the brand's website. This was my first time trying any type of BB cream, but having read so many reviews, I wasn't surprised when the product came out as a dull, beige cream that was very emollient.

Knowing how thick this stuff is, I just spot-applied where necessary (under eyes, wings of nose, around the laugh line, etc) and blended. The coverage was light-to-medium, quite natural.

With T.LeClerc powder all over, the finish was very, very nice. I skipped my usual concealer.

So I might just jump on the BB cream bandwagon! Thanks Birkie!

Giorgio Armani high-precision concealer is absolutely wonderful, but it has reached its expiration date (six months after opening) and I won't buy a second tube. This BB cream's coverage is a little lighter, but it works fine for me.


Jamilla Camel said...

Cute Swaps! Jess is really generous with her samples! I was overwhelmed!

The name of the BB cream cracks me up...Nuddy!

I was in Barcelona last week, and it rained the whole time I was there--the Catalans were all complaining that I brought the weather from Londond!

BTW, I tagged you!

birkinbagbeauty said...

he he, so you tried the BB cream? It looks weird when it comes out of the tube, but has the ability to look natural on the skin.

yumyumsushi said...

:) haha yay bb creams.
yeahhhh i checked it out when the hype was at the top of it's game, got one, didn't really use much of it, but then lately i've gone bb cream crazy again. haha

Jess said...

Oh, nice to see my goodies arrived safely... ;)


I haven't been to the MUFE shop yet. :(

DSK said...

Hey Cheryl! Just stopping by to say hiiii

angie519 said...

Oh yay! I'm glad you like the BB cream! I'm still searching for my favorite one!

Aww so cute the girls had similar tastes in what to get you!

Syn@3sTh3sI@ said...

Welcome on board Cheryl.. Hahaha I guess my only reason for using BB Cream is because of my laziness... it saves up my time on applying sunscreen and foundation...but sometimes I hate to remove BB Cream as I heard BB Cream is 3 times harder to remove than foundation. No idea whether is tat true or not

Yumeko said...

i definetely like bb cream so i am excited to see u get into it!

miss wiggle said...

How cute! I thought the hard-candies were erasers haha! =)

Anna said...

Hi Cheryl! I feel honoured to have my blog mentioned by you despite it still being in its very embryonic stage!! Must really get round to starting it for real! I see you've already had a couple of sweeties...aren't they cute?? I don't know if you've seen them around, but they've got loads of different types, with hearts, beach-themed, baby-themed, etc.! I really do hope we'll meet up soon, have to find a way to arrange it...
PS: perhaps you should grow an extra hand for the third hand balm, hahaha!

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

lovely swap!! glad to hear the bb cream is working for you!

fuzkittie said...

Hehe glad you like the BB cream!