Let's Swap!

I'd like to let go of quite a few things in my vanity. What better way to do it than swapping them with you? :-D This is only offered to the approx. 20 beauty bloggers that I regularly communicate with.

It's hard to part with my babies (lol), but I've never/hardly ever used these things.

Swap 1: La Roche-Posay Unifiance "Optic Smoothness" foundation, Shade #21 (light beige).

I've used a few pumps of this. I realised I simply am too lazy to use liquid foundation every morning.
The packaging is a pump so the product is absolutely hygienic.
This is great if you're just curious about La Roche-Posay's makeup line.

Swap 2: Guerlain "Parure Aqua" foundation, Shade 03 "Beige Naturel". I swatched this once on the back of my hand, and realised the colour was too dark for me. Opened cosmetics cannot be returned in Italy.

Swap 3: Make Up For Ever blue glitter. This was one of their very first products when the brand was founded. This is a full jar.

Swap 4: L'oréal H.I.P. lipglosses in Giddy 636, Astounding 724.

I swatched a tiny bit of these on the back of my hand, and realised they were going to be too sticky for me. These are full tubes.

Swap 5: Biotherm "Biosource" 30-ml (1 fl.oz.) clarifying lotion, 20-ml (0.67 fl.oz.) clarifying cleansing gel. These come with their own pouch!

This was a present, but I simply don't use Biotherm anymore.

Swap 6: Acqua di Parma body lotion in "Mirto di Panarea", unopened.

I believe you don't even find this scent outside Italy?! It's a refreshing, unisex aroma.

I'm happy with my Caudalie lotion so I'm letting this one go.

Specifics of the swap:

  • Comment with your email address, saying which swap number you're interested in, and what you'd like to swap in return.

  • I'm open-minded about what you might have to offer: makeup, skincare, etc. I love natural stuff, but am also curious about Japanese products.
  • The above products are not sample-sized so any samples will not be accepted.
  • For hygiene reasons (lol), only unopened or once- or twice-swatched products can be swapped. If you have a product that's a tube or pump, please let me know its condition.
  • If you simply want to buy these product off me, please let me know too.


itsliz89 said...

ALL your photos end up looking so good! Please share what camera and settings you use! What's your secret?

DSKNguyen said...

Hey Cheryl,

You went to UW!?!? Whoa.. lol, I was on your campus. It's so cool you can see the snow capped mountain from the school's square! I fell in love, I can't wait to go back in the Spring or Summer time.

I'm curious about the Guerlain. My friend Jennifer (beeyoutiful7) bought some from Sephora online, and the color turned out too dark for her and she exchanged it. I'm dunno which color I would be!! But please let me know how much you are asking, just so I can get a reference. I don't really have anything cool to swap..hmm lol I would have to swap a few things for Geurlain foundation hehe


xphoenix06 said...

I'm just grooling over all the things you're willing to swap girl! ^-^

Mayhem said...

Hm interesting -

I'm thinking of what I have at this point. I have a little bag filled with little things I only swatched or never bothered to use. Should I just do a swap of sorts on my blog too?

Olive said...

Oooooh everything looks so good!!

I was wondering if you think that the Guerlain foudation would suit my skin tone? And I am also prone to acne, do think this would be gentle enough?

And I'm also eyeing the body cream...now I gotta think of some goodies I can swap them with.

' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

I wouldn't mind trying the Guerlain foundation but if that shade is too dark for you it probably is for me too. What shade are you in MAC ?

DSKNguyen said...

You know what the sad thing is? There isn't a Sephora in the whole state of Michigan that carries Guerlian foundation to be swatched!

Do you think you can swatch it for me? And post it? or send me a pic?

my e-mail is nguyenst@msu.edu

I don't think I have any cosmetics that you would be interested in..hmm..maybe if you are interested in some of my Swarovski jewelry? I just came back from Seattle with a bunch of crystals, I can't wait to start taking pictures of them with my first SLR camera!!

Look forward to hearing back from you!

angie519 said...

You and DSKNguyen is making me miss UW.. just a bit. Hahaha.

I use to ues Biotherm too! I haven't tried Guerlain Aqua, but Extreme is quite decent. I try to limit my usage though since my skin doesn't really benefit from it.

Hahah I love steaks too! Something about eating a hunk of meat is appetizing and so filling! Hahah, well your diet sounds like it's more healthy than mine haha ;).

fuzkittie said...

Hey Cheryl,

I'm interested in the MUFE glitter! But I gotta look through what I have to swap with you~

Mayhem said...

Hey Cheryl, I'm in the process of compiling the post - check my blog soon if you're interested in setting up something!

Anonymous said...

what type of scent is the aqua di parma body lotion?
thanks :)

miemiemie said...

happy new year!:)

oh do try the flat iron for curling, you can make large loose curls and even tight curls, it depends on how you use it. i enjoyed it too much :) its easy too :)

M said...

oh la la i'm keen on the guerlain foundation, must go check what shade i am

' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

Thanks for letting me know your MAC shade! I checked out the Guerlain shades online to compare and since I'm NC25 it'll probably be too dark for me as well.

M said...

oh i forgot earlier, but eyeko is a uk brand

birkinbagbeauty said...

Hi Cheryl, I might be interested in the Guerlain foundation, if it is still there :D.
I have the eyeshadow quad from the Lunasol 2008 christmas edition (silver lightining). Otherwise, I am also curious to try the Hip lipglosses...

cheryl said...

hi there, i wanted to thank you for your message but this swap is reserved for the beauty bloggers i usually talk to.
Have you been visiting this blog regularly, or did u just come across it?

Glow Chaser said...

Ok I sooooo would love that Acqua di Parma!! I need to look at what I have to swap OR you can just let me know what you have your eye on that I have blogged about or that we have ere in London!!

One thing - I am worried about the pesky Italian customs people - will they mess up my swap???