Gone Fishing (again)

Hi everybody, sorry I haven't been posting. Happy Chinese New Year!

I went to Geneva for the Salon Internationale de Haute Horlogerie last week which was amazing. But then I came down with a bad cold, and completely lost my voice. I had to mime instead of talk. I am still coughing... Phlegm, fun stuff.

I'm looking for disposable mascara wands (does any one of you use that?). It's something that doesn't exist in Italy (figures), so I might have to order online.

This past weekend, I got an automatic lip crayon from Shiseido in an iridescent transparent colour. I just use it over my chapstick and it shows up as a beautiful lilac sheen on my lips.

Also, I got birkinbagbeauty's swap item which was a beautiful Lunasol palette! I will have to do a look with that next time.


fuzkittie said...

Hmm I have never seen disposable mascara wands... weird.

Happy new year!

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

omg you've been ill a while, get well soon again!! get some good rest :) lemon and honey!

the shiseido crayon sounds pretty!

angie519 said...

Aww I hope you're feeling better!!

Sucks that you can't find disposable mascara wands! Sephora has loads of them to use when you're trying makeup.

Yah, your total ain't bad!!! =P