Some Like It Blu

During summer, a nice shower is desparately needed when you get home from the heat. Acqua di Parma's Blu Mediterraneo line is amazing for that. The collection includes a fragrance, bath & shower gel, moisturiser, deodorant, etc. Panarea Myrtle (pictured), Capri Orange, Tuscan Cypress, Sicilian Almond and Amalfi Fig make you feel like vacationing on the Mediterranean coast. I particularly like the bath & shower gel because it cleanses well without leaving my skin dry.



No Mess

In my review of the MUFE khol pencils, I forgot to mention that I did go over my eyelids with a brushing of the HD powder after finishing the look. I generally don't use any primer on my eyes to avoid irritation.

The MUFE kabuki brush is designed for the HD powder, but it's not absolutely necessary. Just tap a bit right onto a big round brush and then apply.

Khol Me Again

Today was so muggy in Milan that by the time I got to the gym, I was already sweaty without any workout. On days like this, no T.LeClerc or Make Up For Ever HD powder can save my face from beading with perspiration. What I have do is gently pat my face with a tissue and re-apply powder in a couple of thin layers.

So, how did my Make Up For Ever khol pencils hold up? Very well on the waterline, and so-so on the upper lid, which I tight-lined. Even though some of the colour on the upper lid is gone by the end of the day, on the waterline the colour stays put perfectly. There is no smearing, and minimal smudging after a whole day.

By the way, this is the very first time I apply any eye product on the waterline and try tight-lining. I've always been very wary, but the khol pencils provide extreme comfort and cause no irritation whatsoever.

The black colour is beautifully sooty and glides on easily even if you don't apply with a steady hand. The cyan colour is very vibrant. (Please refer to photo here.) I got quite a few compliments since using them almost a week ago.

To remove the product, I dipped a cotton swab in some olive oil and carefully worked around my eyes. Cleansing is easy enough. Overall, I'm very happy with these khol pencils.


Writer's Blog

Photo by Steve Woods
As the award goes around the ladies, I'd like to say thanks to the handful of people who stop by (there are so few you know whom you are, haha). Thank you!

Writing has been my passion since childhood. And I'm lucky enough to have a job where writing makes things more fun. I love writing in both English and Chinese, and I'm excited to read what my colleagues write too. Every day is a learning and working process.

This blog is mostly for me to scribble away. I do hope you enjoy my entries here.


Khol Me

I had fun writing a few entries that were not about makeup purchases. I'm just cutting down, because my vacation in the U.S. is coming up. Gotta save up!

Well, today my mood is better so I did give in to the temptation of Make Up For Ever's beautiful khol pencils. I picked up the black one, and the cyan one (second from the right).

I had a hard time deciding between these or Aqua Eye. But my eyes do not tolerate waterproof products so I opted for the khol pencils, which contain camomile extract. The mark of "Made in Germany" convinced me to get them. (The best pencils are always either German or Swiss.)

I looked up just what khol is: it's one of the earliest forms of makeup. Today, it is still being prepared by women at home in India. The myth has it that rimming the eyes with khol fends off evil spirits. And it does protect your eyes to a certain extent from glare under the sun.


Holding On

Photo by Simon Cataudo

Ah, sunday...the only day of the week when I can do whatever I want: do a nice little hair mask, cook a healthy meal, enjoy a cup of green tea, do a bit of chores, take a nap...

I'm hanging in there till my vacation in August. Lately I feel worn-out, irritable, and sometimes down right depressed. Everyone seems mean, and everything seems gray. Muddled is probably the exact word in English for what I'm feeling these days.

The up-side of things is that I've been consistently going to the gym for the past month, and I'm back in shape. I figure, rather than spending the same amount of money on clothes, shoes and makeup, I should seriously take care of myself and find a way to work off all that negative energy.
Photo by Diletta Guelfi

This week, I will try to post more of my own photos and neutral looks!

P.S. Who can recommend me a great kohl pencil?


Naturally Neutral

The wonderful trend of neutral makeup continues even on Roberto Cavalli's runway, where brown, taupe, mauve and beige are the orders of the day. The eyes are slightly smokey against an even complexion. Warm-coloured lips and gently contoured cheeks make an elegant and confident statement. Less is more!



It would be difficult to pinpoint the allure of these three women: Tan Yuan Yuan (now in her 30s), Maggie Cheung (40s) and Du Juan (20s), but there is something fascinating about them. Like many metropolitan Chinese females today, they are graceful, soft-spoken, confident, and acutely aware of their own identity. I hope you like the photos!