Holding On

Photo by Simon Cataudo

Ah, sunday...the only day of the week when I can do whatever I want: do a nice little hair mask, cook a healthy meal, enjoy a cup of green tea, do a bit of chores, take a nap...

I'm hanging in there till my vacation in August. Lately I feel worn-out, irritable, and sometimes down right depressed. Everyone seems mean, and everything seems gray. Muddled is probably the exact word in English for what I'm feeling these days.

The up-side of things is that I've been consistently going to the gym for the past month, and I'm back in shape. I figure, rather than spending the same amount of money on clothes, shoes and makeup, I should seriously take care of myself and find a way to work off all that negative energy.
Photo by Diletta Guelfi

This week, I will try to post more of my own photos and neutral looks!

P.S. Who can recommend me a great kohl pencil?


Nic Nic said...

ohh cant wait to see more fotds of you!

hmm i like MAC's graphblack liner.. safe for water line. :) it does smudge o_O but i think a bit of powder will help.

cheryl said...

nic: gosh u're one of the few people that visit my blog! usually after applying eye shadow, i brush some makeup forever HD powder over my eyelids. it makes makeup stay put all day (even in humid heat).

' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

i'm feeling pretty muddled myself :S i do hope you'll feel better soon though. sounds like you are making good use of your time by going to the gym, i have yet to keep up with my goals.

btw, about your comment on whether those Jimmy Choos are comfy, the answer would be yes and no. They are surprisingly walkable for me, who never wears high heels at all. however my feet do hurt after a while but then i have the type of feet that hurts in everything - even sneakers sometimes.

Nic Nic said...

They dont sell MUFE here :( well at least not that HD powder ><" lol.

Do update! :D

hope you're feeling better, you'll feel rejuvenated after a nice vacation :]

cheryl said...

blu: hi! i rarely wear heels, though i have quite a few pairs just sitting at home. gosh dun u hate feeling muddled? lol...

nic: i'm really looking forward to this vacation and am almost sure i'll feel better after it.