Khol Me

I had fun writing a few entries that were not about makeup purchases. I'm just cutting down, because my vacation in the U.S. is coming up. Gotta save up!

Well, today my mood is better so I did give in to the temptation of Make Up For Ever's beautiful khol pencils. I picked up the black one, and the cyan one (second from the right).

I had a hard time deciding between these or Aqua Eye. But my eyes do not tolerate waterproof products so I opted for the khol pencils, which contain camomile extract. The mark of "Made in Germany" convinced me to get them. (The best pencils are always either German or Swiss.)

I looked up just what khol is: it's one of the earliest forms of makeup. Today, it is still being prepared by women at home in India. The myth has it that rimming the eyes with khol fends off evil spirits. And it does protect your eyes to a certain extent from glare under the sun.


Nic Nic said...

if i was going to US, my list would be enormous ;) LOL. can't to see your haul! I'm trying to cut down on makeup too.. =_=

Bliss said...

Im so jealous u going to US and give review later on the durability of the Khol eyeliner :)