No Mess

In my review of the MUFE khol pencils, I forgot to mention that I did go over my eyelids with a brushing of the HD powder after finishing the look. I generally don't use any primer on my eyes to avoid irritation.

The MUFE kabuki brush is designed for the HD powder, but it's not absolutely necessary. Just tap a bit right onto a big round brush and then apply.


Nic Nic said...

the brush looks beautiful.. but expensive :P

cheryl said...

hey nic, hope u had a good sunday. the MUFE kabuki brush is too expensive for my purpose: 35 euro in Milan. I just use my good old Clarins powder brush: just 14 euro, no shedding, no funny smell, absolutely nice.

fuzkittie said...

Cheryl~ that's very interesting, I've never heard of using powder on the eyelids!

Wow, the MUFE kabuki brush costs SO MUCH! Haha, especially with the euro:usd ratio nowadays, that comes out to almost 60 bucks!
Another great brush is Laura Mercier's blending brush, it's incredibly soft~

Fabu-less Beauty said...

Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog again. I just linked you as well, hope you can return the favor =)

cheryl said...

fuz: i've never tried laura mercier's stuff but have heard good things about it. brushing HD powder on my eye makeup really helps it stay put, for most of the day anyway.