Hitting Pan

Having a pretty small skincare and makeup collection, "hitting pan" is a common event for me. Here I'll show you a few things that I'm slowly running out, and my thoughts about them.

So here we have: Annemarie Borlind hand balm, Make Up For Ever HD powder, Shu Uemura White Recovery EX emulsion, NARS Masai lipstick, M.A.C. Blanc Type eyeshadow, and R.O.C. chapstick.

Let's talk about the skincare items first.

Annemarie Borlind: best hand product I've ever tried! The light scent and emollient texture make this a pleasure to apply at the office and on the go. A must in my handbag, it keeps my hands moisturised and soft.

Shu Uemura: this was purchased in Tokyo, but it was a waste of money because I feel that my DIY masks do a better job of brightening my skin.

R.O.C. : there's just a 1cm left of it, lol. A decent chapstick with no paraffin. It's rich enough to last a few hours. But I will not re-purchase, because Jess and Anna sent me other chapsticks to try! :-)

On to the make up items.

Make Up For Ever: I've been using the HD powder for 15 months, and it looks like I'm finally running out.

Basically I apply a layer of this after my (greasy) sunscreen, then apply powder or liquid foundation. To me, this is an invisible powder that just provides a smooth canvas to work on, and is great against humidity. But will I re-purchase? I'm not sure... I am more eager to try out mineral finishing powder.

NARS: this sheer lipstick is now tragically categorised as a "vintage" item because NARS will not make any more of this.

Described as a "rose quartz" on their website, I will simply say this is a very cool-toned berry shade, great for anyone who doesn't like red but desire a bit of drama. It has the sheerness of a gloss, and the elegance of a lipstick. One swipe gives you a hint of colour, two will enhance absolutely any look.

M.A.C.: though I've hit pan on this Blanc Type eyeshadow, I'm a long way from finishing this product. This is a pinkish beige, perfect for fair skin types. I usually apply this all over my lids and go over it with Nylon (a golden beige). A great "colour" for someone who never has time to apply eye makeup.


Jamilla Camel said...

You're like me..always in search of a new HG!

Congrats on hittin pan!

♥akisa♥ said...

haha I hit pan easily too.. especially with skin care & base eyeshadows. Will you be replacing like for like?

miemiemie said...

thanks dear. i really hope that it won't be as hard as i'm currently imagining it to be. haha its just the fear of unknown things. haha.

it made you look older? was your perm the wavy type or the tight curls? i like my fuss free straight hair, but curling my hair is so fun haha at least it won't be hard to return to having straight hair..

ooh i'm pretty much the same as you..i use a small number of makeup and skincare so i hit pan all the time. quality is always better than quantity. i'd rather have my hg stuff than have every single shade that won't work for me at all.

Anna said...

Hahaha! Even if you didn't like the hand cream you'd still have to use it up, seeing as you have three tubes (well, almost 2 now!!). That Nars looks really nice, think u should do a FOTD wearing it...I'd love to see how it looks with your skin tone! Enjoy your Sunday (at least, what's left of it!), Cheryl! Big Hug

Syn@3sTh3sI@ said...

it takes me forever to finish up a hand cream.. haha.. I have finished up my Guerlain Meteorites Face Powder in 01 Mythic but I love it so much thus I got myself a 2nd. This is definitely my favorite powder. How was the MUFE HD Powder ? Been hearing a lot of raves but never though of getting it...

Lulu said...

yay congrats on hitting pan! wow you used so much of the lipstick! I can never seen to make my lipstick shorter, that's what I get for wanting so mnay of them in different colors! hahaha

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

omg you're so good! ive only hit the pan is my foundation lol. ive still got loads of the MUFE powder left haha

lilluna5416 said...

amazing i have never hit pan on make up items... just skin care I hope to be as good as you one day!

Dee said...

I can usually hit pan quick, especially with skincare. Makeup, not so much, lol. That lipstick looks beautiful and its a shame its going to be discontinued.

M said...

hitting pan is a great feeling!!