Easy Does It

Hi everyone, thank you for all the kind comments left this past week! I'm working on being stronger and more positive :-) Apparently I get depressed easily when I'm tired. Do I make sense at all?! :-D

I realized I've never done a post on fashion. Let me just say right off the bat that I don't know anything about fashion. I used to follow fashion news more closely, but now I just pick up Vogue Paris once in a while. Also,
I am not a big shopper. Unless I find something I absolutely love, I will not buy it.
With that said though, I thought I'd just share a few of my favourite things in the wardrobe!

A jersey wine red top with cushioned, pleated shouldersWhy not get purple too, since I like the shape so much? It just kind of hangs off my shoulders.

When I come across something a bit fancier, I try to pick it up. You never know when you might need something nice. I got this silver dress at an independent boutique here. It comes with a bow that you can clip anywhere on the dress.

This night gowny dress has twisted shoulder straps and a gathered bodice, creating an illusion of curves! lol...

Why not a high-waisted skirt with a bow? I just match this with a black tank top and flats.

A pin-stripe shorts with high waist, a good change from all the low-waisted stuff.

Another orangey item, this is a skirt with a couple of box pleats near the waistline so when you walk, it opens up like a little balloon, very floaty :-)

Cotton jersey is one of my favourite materials, because it means no ironing. (Wait, have I ever used an iron in my life?!) The deep V overlaps at the bosum and the short kimono sleeves make this a bit more interesting.

Another purple item because I love this color :-) Indian cotton saves my life in summer, and the Empire waist makes it look like I actually have curves on top...

A little black dress in a synthetic material means you can throw it into the washing machine and it will dry in 10 minutes.

I really like a loose, assymetric silhouette. Again cotton jersey keeps me cool and elegant at the same time.
A bat-wing knit top that's long enough as an above-the-knee dress. Neutral colours are easy to dress up or down. I'm so tired of black!
Grey jersey on the bias. Tie just above the waist in front and the kimono sleeves make you feel like a little urban butterfly :-)


♥akisa♥ said...

love the asymmetrical top!!

Jess said...

Yay, I love neutral colors either! So easy to combine, and never out to date in my opinion!

Lovely pieces you got! :)

Jamilla Camel said...

I love your clothes! Very Euro Chic!

I agree about the jersey dresses--they are the best!

Glad to hear you are taking it easy and getting better!

Miss.Friendz said...

Love your bat wing and asymmetric top!! \(*o*)/

miemiemie said...

oooh i love mostly everything. very classy looking. i like my clothes like that too. haha never much of a fashionista. i never liked trends.

Yumeko said...

oh u have gorgeus clothes!!!

Mrs.Zeus said...

Im addicted to anything asymmetric these days, neutral to bright colors, I dont know I cant make up my mind about 'em.

Glad to heard your feeling better!

I'll email you for more juicy lovenotes. hehheh


yumyumsushi said...

wow you got some nice things there.
i like the simplicity of it. i tend to shy away from pattern too so most of my wardrobe is pretty basic in color with a few little details here & there

Anna said...

I especially love the last three tops, both their shape/style and the neutral colours, but I like the fact that you also have pops of colour with your orange skirts (I love orange!). That's exactly what you need when you feel a bit down...wear an orange skirt, guaranteed to pick u up!!

Olive said...

Omg I love everything, especially the orange skirts! You must look so chic and polished everyday.

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

love the chic style, i wanna see those clothes on you :)