Ketchup (edited)

Oh, I have so much catching up to do with my blog read :-P You guys post so often I am having a hard time staying up-to-date!

I just got the Giorgio Armani lip wax last weekend, and am loving it. Photos next time.

It's a matte lip colour that comes in a mini compact with a mirror inside. I picked the 01 shade, which is an earthy, warm beige. The colour stays on well, but since it is matte, it's rather dry. Your lips have to be moisturised before applying the lip wax.

I just apply it with my finger, because the compact doesn't come with a little brush. Too bad, but I believe the texture of the colour is kind of intended to be applied with your finger.

For someone like me who doesn't like lipglosses, this is a god-send. But if you're a lipstick freak, you will not like this at all...


fuzkittie said...

Hmm do you need a lip brush to apply it?

DSKNguyen said...

GA, fancy fancy! I only have a lip gloss by them and I really do love it.

M said...

what if i love them all? haha

Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

ooooh sounds interesting
wat do u use it with
a brush?? fingers

angie519 said...

Hahha I'm a gloss and lipstick freak =P But it sounds appealing!!

Gooddealer is quite nice! They send you a receipt, and shipping confirmation of course. Shipping took almost 2 weeks. Which isn't too bad, but not great either. Overall, I'm quite happy. They included lots of samples too!

Anonymous said...

love to see this on your lips

Anonymous said...

hey cheryl
ohh i wna see the lip wax too ^^
and those little nail plates are called, Konad. ever heard of them? they're like korean nail art thingos =]