Bite Your Lips

Thanks to everyone for your messages! I had my first meal today in two days. Thank god for miso soup and cucumber rolls!

Lancome is coming out with a collection called "Bitten Lips". Far from being bitten-red, it's a series of beautiful beige variations. Sorry for the small images, but that's all I have for now.

The Bitten Lips Gloss range
Here's the tube by itself

I don't like lipglosses so I think I will be leaning towards the Colour Fever lipstick range.
Very simple packaging

This is the Laque Fever range

Expected to be in stores by March in Europe...


ilovewendydarling said...

Aw, I hope you feel much better soon! I had food poisoning a few weeks back too:( Just DO NOT drink any juices. I would highly recommend ginger ale whilst eating:)

Oh my! I do adore the Lancome packaging! I wish this new line won't be as sticky or too dry as previous Lancome lip products:(

The colors are gorgeous though!

Thanks for the heads up, dear<3

Mrs.Zeus said...

Ohh looks good!
Im always in need of lip gloss.

Mocha said...

Cheryl, I do hope you feel better sooner.
I hate food poisoning... =(

The Lancome glosses look good too, but I'm pretty fixated on Dior's sophisticated colors.
I like the packaging, and yes, those lipsticks look pretty good...

Mrs.Zeus said...

Yes, we've been married for 2 years now. We originally plan our wedding to be in the Philippines since most of my family is there but we didnt want to wait till later cause we were still saving up money then and I was still going to school so decided to just have it at Vegas. lol

fuzkittie said...

I don't like the way these smell... :[

angie519 said...

Oh the collection looks so classy! I love neutral colors, but I've never really been into Lancome

Anonymous said...

Those are absolutely beautiful, I LOVE LOVE Lancome. Can't wait til those come out!

Good to hear your feeling better :)

Glow Chaser said...

Just bitten lips always get my vote! Thank you for this alert - hope you are feeling better?

Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

those are my type of colors and the name! my nick is bittenbefore, i gotta get me some!!! i hope it comes to japan soon

get well soon dear
i missed u!!!!!!!!

M said...

are you feeling better now? all recovered?

yummy glosses!

Eeli said...

My dear,

Cucumbers and miso soup DO NOT constitue as a 'meal' lol. But i must say that your choice of food is wicked. I love both, very very very much ;)

Glad to hear you've been feeling better. I think we both got over our slumps at the same time YAYAYAYAYAY!

I always get scared about using lipstick. I'm always afraid that the colour will be too strong and it will be blatantly obvious that i'm wearing something lol. Silly aint it? ;)

Sending you cyber hugs :)

Eeli xoxo

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

ohh the packaging looks very pretty! darn expensive over here!