Keeping Track

If you're as nerdy as I am, you're going to be concerned about your makeup products' expiration dates. It's hard to keep track of them especially when you have a big collection.

Expiration's more of a problem with anything cream or liquid like mascara, eyeliners, kohl pencils, foundations, base, etc.

An easy way to find out when a product's lifespan is up is to stick a small, coin-sized adhesive label on it, indicating when you opened the container.

This is easy to do during hauls. Keep a sheet of labels inside your makeup box and just label your new purchases.

(This entry wasn't very exciting so I added my favourite piggies here.)


Nic Nic said...

omg i loved that pig!

unfortunately im lazy when it comes to labelling i just end up estimating how long ive used it -_-" but good idea! what is it like to live in italy? i'd love to visit florence and venice! my sister went there 2 summers ago, she ended florence but she found Milan and Rome racist :S

cheryl said...

haha i love monokuro boo! so what happened to your sister in milan & rome? were people mean? italians are curious about asian tourists cos the truth is they know NOTHING about asia. sometimes they're just silly & tease pretty asian girls traveling here XD living in italy, esp for me, can b a bizarre experience but all in all, it's been ok since i moved here 2 yrs ago.

Bliss said...

I was never really concern with expiry dates, i just use them until it finishes, no bad reaction so far, but sometimes if products change smell, i would throw it, now i know,i have to keep this in mind.

ChyiX2 said...

I love monokuro boo! My best male friend got me a white and a black one along with tare panda (favorite!) when he got back from Japan. Sooo kawaii!

cheryl said...

bliss: u know what, my falsies glue went bad & i didn't even know. I thought the smell was weird, but i thought it was normal (!). i got an allergic reaction & since then my eyelids have been real sensitive. so, gotta be careful!
chi: do u know the "furniture" dogs? i forget their name but they're basically dog characters in the shape of chairs, fridges, etc. so cute!