Intellectual Skincare

Aesop is one of the few brands out there that truly thinks about skincare. It doesn't do advertising, doesn't use celebrities as spokesperson, and its packaging is purely functional. What it does do is develop amazingly effective products at the Aesop laboratories in Melbourne, using only the best botanical ingredients around the world.
A few months ago, I asked a friend who was visiting Australia to bring me back a tube of Geranium Leaf Body Balm. The fragrance was unbelievably refreshing. I felt like entering a long-lost oasis. My skin loves it!

Read all about Aesop online: http://www.aesop.net.au/


Nic Nic said...

Well the good news of me getting this, is quite slim so save me money LOL. I'm glad it working for you tho!!

cheryl said...

i read on your blog that u're saving, rite? dun let me distract u then LOL :-)

Bliss said...

Ooo i heard about aesop, very good brand but quite expensive, do a review on it later ok hehhe :)