Easy Saturday

Thank you for all the new followers that have come on board lately!

I hope everyone's having a good weekend.

Apparently I wasn't the only one who experience bad customer service mentioned in the last post. In the end I did walk out of the shop with two Shiseido products: the cream eyeliner and Perfect Rouge lipstick.

So I'm glad to tell you that I LOVE the liner. It stays put all day as long as I apply powder before and after on the eyelids.

The Madina bronzer that I tried out this past week was also great. For now, I'm just using it to contour. Here I highlighted my cheeks too. It's subtle, but I hope you can see.

Today I was determined to have a different kind of Saturday so I decided to try the Thai massage place downstairs from where I live and do my own hair colour (not pictured above).

Sorry I didn't take photos so you will just have to imagine "The Orchids" massage place with dim lights and the typical Thai decor. It was cozy. I asked for a traditional massage that focused on pressure points. It was different from the Chinese massage that I knew. The Thai masseuse was tiny, but she could really hurt you, lol. Just half an hour of treatment, I came out of the place like butter and couldn't walk a straight line :-)

But I did zig-zag my way to the pharma-cosmetics shop and got a vegetable extract hair colour in a dark hazelnut. May I say that I will never do this again by myself at home, because it's just such a mess. I think I did it right though. The colour is luminous and beautiful, and best of all, it doesn't have ammonium and parabens!


♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

ohh the madina bronzer has got you glowing! the massage sounds very relaxing! My hair would never colour with such colourant :( glad it turned out well for you!

Jamilla Camel said...

Hi Cheryl! I'm glad you had a better experience this weekend!

How do you like the Perfect Rouge lippie? I got the OR one and I just love it!

I know about colouring your hair at home..it's so messy that I just have it done at a salon, and the natural non-flat look I want, I can't do at home anyway. I just use that Clairol Nice N Easy Root touchup...went through 2 boxes in Detroit.

I just love massage, and you are right about those Thai masseusses--they can kil!

Yumeko said...

oooh i like a good massage
u must have slept well after

Anna said...

Hi Cheryl! Will answer your email tomorrow, when I have a bit more time on my hands!! At least it's sunny this weekend...I was in Milan yesterday (at the in-laws') and it was soooo hot! Not used to it anymore, are we?? Just wanted to know, going back a few posts, where do you buy sjal? Is it in Rinascente o Coin or...? Hope the massage effects are still keeping you nice and relaxed! :)

angie519 said...

Oooh I wanna see your hair color!!

I've been dying for a massage! My masseuse is awesome at deep tissue.. mmhhhm =)

I think your cheek color looks great!

Yeah, I'd imagine a loofah scrub working real well. I think it my be all in my head, but I want a scrub to put on my loofah, hands, or body cloth. Hehe, I find it a bit fun =P

Awww let me know if you need help getting paul and joe, I don't have access to it but I can order it online (in case my way is cheaper for ya).

No, because Yumeko gave me a whitening serum that I'm quite happy with right now. I am going to get her the whitening serum though.

Wow, that sounds amazing. I wonder what I can substitute for the honey in that mask .. hmm

' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

getting a massage sounds good! Definitely sounds like an easy Sat to me :)

Syn@3sTh3sI@ said...

I love massage... I always go for Thai Foot Reflexology and body massages... but i would prefer them to be more heavy handed as Thai ladies are always demure and gentle. Hahaha..

beeyoutiful7 said...

OoOO massagee
i bet that felt extremely relaxing !

we alll need to get pampered time to time! <3333